Local Area Network Section (DTS)

The LAN Section of the Department of Technology Services is responsible for supporting the Governorís Office, Governorís Office of Management and Budget and the Lieutenant Governorís Office, as well as some other agencies. It is a one stop resource for network support, application and web development and database management.

Products Developed In-House

Make sure to check out our extensive listing of products and applications that we have designed, developed and implemented in house. VISTA is one such product that we take great pride in.

Voter Information and State Tracking Application (VISTA)

In response to the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) passed in 2002, the Local Area Network team of the Governor's Office of the State of Utah, designed, developed and implemented this critical software application and state-wide database for the Office of Elections in the Lieutenant Governor's Office. In short, the ability to create this piece of critcal software and state-wide database saved the State of Utah millions of dollars, which were then used to purchase a large majority of th electronic voting machines for Utah's counties. [ more ]