Local Area Network Section (DTS)

The LAN Section of the Department of Technology Services is responsible for supporting the Governorís Office, Governorís Office of Planning and Budget and the Lieutenant Governorís Office, as well as some other agencies. It is a one stop resource for network support, application and web development and database management.

Products Developed In-House: It's What We Do

The following is a list of applications and products that the LAN team has designed, developed and implemented:

Apostille and Certificates: Management of Authentication activities in the Lt. Governor's Office

Notaries: Management of Notary application and certification

Budget Prep: Budget Preparation by departments

Budget Summary: Produces summary reports for the Governor's consideration

Constituent Affairs Tracking: Constituent contacts to the Governor's Office management and tracking

Declarations: Management of Declarations requests in the Governor's Office

Legislative Tracking: Tracking of bills through the legislature and staff assignments.

Executive Schedules: Manages schedules for the Governor, First Lady and Governor's Mansion

Boards and Commissions: Management of the Governor's appointments to Boards and Commissions

RDCC: Land use coordination and notification

VISTA: Voter Registration Database and election management software

VISTA Local: Local Voter Registration database for use at polling places

Grants Management: Management of Federal Grants to law enforcement used by the Utah Commission on Criminal Justice (CCJJ)

Sentencing Guidelines: Based on inputs produces sentencing recommendations