State Grants

The State of Utah as a whole does not offer grants. However, there are a few areas where funding may be available. Please visit these websites for further information:

Below are the programs within Housing & Community Development which offer grants opportunities.

Federal Grants

The State of Utah complies with Executive Order 12372, which gives the State the opportunity to view grant applications for Federal funding that would be received within the State. Per Utah State law, only Utah State agencies must receive approval from the Governor and/or Legislature in order to spend their Federal grants, although certain federal programs and state agencies are exempt (see UCA 63J-5).

Federal Education Agreements

A grant applied for and received by a public school or school district is considered a "Federal Education Agreement." According to State law, these are only subject to the Governor's and/or Legislature's approval if there is a required match of $500,000 or more (see UCA 53A-1- 906 & 907).

Non-Federal Grants

Utah State agencies may also apply for grants from entities other than the Federal Government. These are called "Non-federal grants." State law requires all non-federal grants over the amount of $10,000 to be approved by the Governor and/or Legislature (see UCA 63J-7).

All non-exempt state agencies ( see UCA63J-5-103 must submit each grant application that requires state approval at / In order to use, please email the system administrator at to request a log-in account.

Contact Information

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