Data Book : Figures


10-County GWA and Metro Counties
Pop Growth, 1940-2020
Dependancy Ratio, GWA
WF Metro Employment Dist by Industry
Non-metro Employment Dist by Industry
Total Employment Projections
Employment Projections by Industry, Greater Wasatch Area
Personal Income, Utah and U.S.
Yearly Construction, SL and State
Single-Family and Multi-Family Construction
Vehicle Accidents and Injuries, State
Yearly VMT Compared to Population, State
Rural and Urban VMT, State
Air Quality
VOC Pollutant Sources, Davis and Salt Lake Counties
CO Pollutant Sources, Davis and Salt Lake Counties
NOx Pollutant Sources, Davis and Salt Lake Counties
Land Use
Percent Farmland to Total Land, State
Carbon Energy Emissions, State
1990 Per Capita Water Use
1990 Water Rates
Weber and Davis Counties Water Demand/ Supply
Salt Lake County Water Demand/Supply
Utah County Water Demand/Supply
Planning Models
UPED Model
Small Area Allocation Model
Travel Demand Model
Utah Division of Air Quality
Water Demand/Supply Model
Automated Geographic Reference

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