The Demographic and Economic Analysis (DEA) section of the Governor's Office of Management and Budget, under the direction of Juliette Tennert, manages, analyzes and disseminates economic, demographic and fiscal data in order to contribute to improved planning, budgeting and policy-making in Utah.

DEA provides information and research to other governments, businesses, academia, and the public to facilitate informed judgments about issues impacting Utah.

As part of this broad role, DEA:

DEA's Specific Mission:

The Demographic and Economic Analysis (DEA) section strives to organize, analyze, interpret, and present economic, demographic and fiscal data in a way that facilitates sound policy decisions. In doing so, we endeavor to:

Use sound research methods, cutting-edge technology and the best data in the formation of public policy

Add value to existing information by providing explanations of the relationships between types of data and limitations of data and the management and interpretation of essential economic, demographic and fiscal information

Continually integrate our work with the planning and budgeting initiatives of the Governor

Make our information more accessible to the public

Generate work that contributes to the professional literature, withstands peer review and builds upon the reputation of the office