State Planning Coordinator
Mike Mower



State Planning Coordinator

The State Planning Coordinator (SPC) acts as the Governor’s advisor on state, regional, metropolitan, and local government planning matters. The SPC also provides information to the Legislature and its committees. The State Planning Coordinator provides leadership and coordination in the implementation of the Governor’s initiatives by being the primary resource for strategic planning and planning coordination.

Private Lands in Utah

Of the nearly 85,000 square miles of surface area in Utah, 17,884 miles are in private ownership –only 21%. This map shows where the privately owned land is.

State and Local Planning

The State and Local Planning Section serves as staff for the State Planning Coordinator in facilitating coordination among all levels of government. The Section also provides technical assistance to local governments as requested for developing and implementing land use plans.

Public Lands Policy

The Public Lands Policy Coordination Office assists the State Planning Coordinator in fulfilling the responsibilities of reviewing and coordinating technical and policy actions which may affect the physical resources of the state, and facilitate the exchange of information on such actions among state agencies and other levels of government.

State of Utah Planning & Education Resource (SUPER)

The SUPER tool is more than just a toolkit, it is an effort at collaboration and coordination of the many planning efforts that are taking place throughout the State of Utah and places planning resources into the hands of planners and policy makers in local government.