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Quality Growth Communities

The Utah Quality Growth Commission announces the opening of a new program providing priority access to state funds, and other incentives, for communities certified as “Quality Growth Communities,” and to special districts, transit districts and other service providers certified as “Quality Growth Service Providers”. Quality Growth Community Certification entitles communities, or service providers, to receive access to state funds, and other incentives, either on a preferred basis or on preferred terms. To become certified, a community must be engaged in an enhanced community planning process, including working closely with neighboring communities on areas of common concern.

At the expiration of the three-year phase-in period, communities and service providers must have completed all of the requirements prior to designation.

Eligible applicants are Utah political subdivisions including counties, cities, towns, special districts, transit districts and other service providers.

Applying involves several steps. Before starting, be sure you have read through all the documents listed here:

Quality Growth Communities - FAQs
Quality Growth Communities Program Summary
Quality Growth Community Definition and Criteria
Schedule for 1st Certification Cycle
Application Cover Sheet
Application Checklist
Application Form and Evaluation Criteria

It is important that you know what will be required before certification can be granted and that you will be prepared to submit the required documentation.

If you have questions or would like further information or printed forms, contact:

John Bennett, Project Manager
Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget
State Capitol Complex, East Office Building, Suite 210, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-2210
Phone: (801) 538-1027, Fax: (801) 538-1547
Email: jbennett@utah.gov

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Commission Board

David Mansell

Vice Chair
Holly Daines

Commission Members

Mike Styler

Leonard Blackham

Larry Ellertson

Brent Tanner

Roger Wynn

Reed Erickson

Soren Simonsen

Jae Potter

Scott Sandall

Alex Butwinski


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