Governor Herbert Signs Several Bills, Resolutions

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert signed the following bills today:

HB270, Hughes – “Financial Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Amendments”
HB462, Wimmer – “Criminal Homicide and Abortion Revisions”
SB16, Stephenson – “Utah Performance Assessment System for Students (U-Pass) Amendments”
SCR2, Jones – “Reducing Prescription Drug Misuse Resolution”
SCR 4, Jones – “Dental Health Care Concurrent Resolution”
SCR 5, Greiner – “Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 100 Year Anniversary of McKay-Dee Hospital”

The Governor also vetoed the following bill:

HB12, Wimmer – “Criminal Homicide and Abortion Amendments”

In a letter to legislative leaders, Governor Herbert stated that his decision to veto HB12 is a result of the passage of HB462 – similar legislation that reduces the possibility of negative unintended consequences for Utah women.

“I appreciate the willingness of Representative Wimmer to reevaluate the impact of potential unintended consequences arising from the inclusion of ‘reckless’ behavior in HB12,” the letter states. “HB 462 is more consistent with the true intent of the legislation and addresses those situations in which the termination of a pregnancy is intentional and is not conducted at a physician’s direction.”