Governor Herbert Signs 64 Bills

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert signed the following bills today:

HB0014, McIff – “Juvenile Transfers from Justice Court”
HB0019, McIff – “Post Conviction Remedies Amendments”
HB0041, Oda – “Constables Amendments”
HB0054, Painter – “Property Tax Exemption for Water Facilities”
HB0067, Wimmer – “Health System Amendments”
HB0068, Oda – “Habitual Wanton Destruction of Wildlife”
HB0073, Morley – “Utah Construction Trades Continuing Education Amendments”
HB0097, Poulson – “Amendments Relating to Deceptive Practices Involving Consumers”
HB0125, Bigelow – “Kidnapping and Sex Offender Registry Amendments”
HB0170, Gibson – “Foster Care Revisions”
HB0176, Harper – “Continuing Education Requirements for Electricians and Plumbers”
HB0178, Hutchings – “Bureau of Criminal Identification Fee Amendments”
HB0188, Harper – “Workers’ Compensation Benefits – Social Security Offset”
HB0189, Painter – “Closed Meetings Amendments”
HB0202, Menlove – “Fireworks Amendments”
HB0214, Lockhart – “Concealed Firearm Permit Modifications”
HB0219, Froerer – “Delinquent Property Tax Amendments”
HB0225, Ray – “Counterfeit Substance Amendments”
HB0235, Harper – “Child Support for Children in State Custody”
HB0243, Harper – “Foreclosure Processes on Residential Rental Properties”
HB0260, Newbold – “Children’s Health Insurance Plan Simplified Renewal”
HB0294, Clark – “Health System Reform Amendments”
HB0311, Lockhart – “Autism Treatment Fund”
HB0314, Ferry – “Water Rights Addendums to Deeds”
HB0316, Hughes – ” Disabled Veterans Property Tax Exemption Amendments”
HB0318, Barrus – “Revolving Loan Fund for Certain Energy Efficient Projects Amendments”
HB0332, Watkins – “Utah Agricultural Code Amendments”
HB0341, Ray – “Uniform Athlete Agents Act”
HB0348, Greenwood – “Sheriffs Fees”
HCR001, Allen – “Concurrent Resolution on International Trade and State Governments”
HCR008, Clark – “Concurrent Resolution on Federal Health Care Reform”
HCR011, Lockhart – “Taiwan Concurrent Resolution”
HCR018, Dee – “Workforce Needs Concurrent Resolution” Senate Bills
SB0013, Mayne – “State Construction Contracts and Drug and Alcohol Testing”
SB0032, Jenkins – “Rainwater Harvesting”
SB0036, Christensen – “Wolf Management”
SB0051, Hillyard – “Bioprospecting”
SB0067, Hillyard – “Public Safety Services Crossing State Borders”
SB0074, Hinkins – “State Park Highway Access Amendments”
SB0076, Valentine – “Trust Deed Amendments”
SB0078, Valentine – “Constitutional Revision Commission Duties”
SB0081, Hillyard – “Eminent Domain Amendments”
SB0085, Jenkins – “Utah Construction Trade Licensing Act Amendments”
SB0096, Van Tassell – “Uintah Basin Revitalization Fund Amendments”
SB0097, Hinkins – “Farmland Assessment Act Amendments”
SB0103, Urquhart – “Adverse Possession of Real Property”
SB0107, Bramble – “Lien Amendments”
SB0116, Urquhart – “District Court Judges Amendments”
SB0129, Liljenquist – “New Motor Vehicle Franchise Amendments”
SB0130, Hillyard – “Judiciary Amendments”
SB0136, Valentine – “Open and Public Meetings Revisions Related to Review of Ethics Complaints”
SB0138, Valentine – “GRAMA Revisions Related to Review of Ethics Complaints”
SB0139, Bramble – “Physician Assistant Amendments”
SB0140, Greiner – “Juvenile Detention Amendments”
SB0141, Adams “Utah Substance Abuse and Anti-violence Coordinating Council Amendments”
SB0149, Hinkins – “Utah Forest Practices Act Amendments”
SB0157, Bramble – “Motor Vehicle Dealer Franchise Amendments”
SB0160, Dayton – “Utah State Developmental Center Amendments”
SB0173, Hillyard – “Business Entity Amendments”
SB0179, Liljenquist – “Utah Revised Business Corporation Act Amendments”
SB242, Van Tassell – “Economic Development Incentives for Alternative Energy Projects”
SB0278, Urquhart – “Homeowners’ Association Amendments”
SCR006, Goodfellow – “Concurrent Resolution Approving Classification of Solid Waste Facility Solid Waste Permit”
SCR007, Niederhauser – “Concurrent Resolution Approving Solid Waste Facility Classification Change”