Governor Herbert Signs 27 Bills

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert signed the following bills today:

House Bills
HB0208, Seelig – “Disposition of the Remains of a Deceased Military Service Member”
HB0231, Gibson – “Water Rights Priorities in Times of Shortage”
HB0236, Lockhart – “Statutory Construction Amendments”
HB0238, Anderson – “Low Speed Vehicle Amendments”
HB0240, Draxler – “Department of Natural Resources Amendments”
HB0246, Watkins – “Retirement Benefits for Charter School Employees”
HB0248, Anderson – “Government Records Amendments”
HB0249, Fowlke – “Emancipation Amendments”
HB0261, Greenwood – “Financial Responsibility of Motor Vehicle Owners and Operators Act
HB0265, Froerer – “Real Property Amendments”
HCR003, Watkins – “Italian-american Heritage Month Concurrent Resolution”
HCR009, Menlove – “Autism, Disabilities, and Faith Concurrent Resolution”

Senate Bills
SB0010, Greiner – “Criminal Offense Penalties Amendments”
SB0012, Mayne – “Individual Income Tax Contribution for Methamphetamine Housing
Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Fund”
SB0015, Stowell – “Utah Scenic Byway Amendments”
SB0017, Van Tassell – “Uniform Commercial Driver License Act Amendments”
SB0029, Bramble – “Amendments to Individual Income Tax Definition of Resident Individual”
SB0037, Niederhauser – “Impact Fee Revisions”
SB0039, Mayne – “Health Insurance Prior Authorization Amendments”
SB0041, Knudson – “Drug Utilization Review Board Amendments”
SB0056, Morgan – “School Reporting Amendments”
SB0059, Robles – “At-risk Student Provisions”
SB0060, Okerlund – “Search and Rescue Funding”
SB0247, Madsen – “John M. Browning Commemorative Day”
SCR003, Adams – “State Sovereignty Concurrent Resolution”
SCR011, Van Tassell – “Concurrent Resolution Expressing Opposition to the Creation of New
National Monuments in Utah”