Governor Herbert Signs 92 Bills

SALT LAKE CITY — Governor Gary R. Herbert signed the following bills today:

HB0018, Mascaro – “Unemployment Insurance Amendments”
HB0021, Fisher – “Expungement Revisions”
HB0023, Beck – “Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing”
HB0025, Newbold – “Health Reform – Administrative Simplification”
HB0027, Frank – “Per Diem and Travel Expense Modifications”
HB0028, Daw – “Controlled Substance Database Amendments”
HB0031, Gibson – “Wildlife Licenses, Certificates, or Permit Amendments”
HB0032, Brown – “Livestock Damage Compensation Amendments”
HB0035, Daw – “Controlled Substance Database – Reporting of Prescribed Controlled Substance Overdose or Poisoning”
HB0037, Lockhart – “Criminal Background Checks on Motor Vehicle Dealers and Salespersons”
HB0040, Dunnigan – “Utah Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Amendments”
HB0043, Mascaro – “Unemployment Compensation Amendments”
HB0044, Hunsaker – “Referendum Ballot Proposition Amendments”
HB0046, Fisher – “Motor Vehicle Act Amendments”
HB0051, Dunnigan – “Family Employment Program – Cash Assistance to Single Minor Parent”
HB0069, Gowans – “State Engineer’s Plugging of Wells Repealer”
HB0098, Wilcox – “State Engineer Bonding Requirements”
HB0103, Sandstrom – “Reduced Speed School Zone Amendments”
HB0109, Biskupski – “Volunteer Government Workers Act Definitions”
HB0132, Menlove – “Pioneer Trail Memorial Highway”
HB0149, Bigelow – “School Finance Amendments”
HB0161, Chavez-Houck – “Voter Registration Amendments”
HB0166, Dougall – “Reductions to Education Mandates”
HB0169, Edwards – “Refinery Amendments”
HB0173, Dee – “911 Amendments”
HB0179, Noel – “Off-highway Vehicle and Street-legal All-terrain Vehicle Revisions”
HB0181, Moss – “Condominium Association Common Expenses”
HB0183, Morley – “Construction and Fire Code Related Amendments”
HB0184, Ray – “Medicaid Autism Waiver”
HB0186, Menlove – “Controlled Substance Database Revisions”
HB0187, Wimmer – “Peace Officer Standards and Training Amendments”
HB0200, Wimmer – “Informed Consent Amendments”
HB0205, Sandstrom – “Impact Fee Amendments”
HB0206, Ray – “Ban on Sale of Smoking Paraphernalia to Minors”
HB0213, Vickers – “Cigarette Tax Exemption Amendments”
HB0215, Garn – “Amendments to Public Employees’ Benefit and Insurance Program Act – Risk Pools”
HB0221, Garn – “Sunset Act and Repealers Reauthorization”
HB0229, Painter – “Water Right General Adjudication Amendments”
HB0233, Ipson – “Retirement Office Amendments”
HB0239, Harper – “Child Protection Revisions”
HB0262, Bigelow – “Reporting to Appropriation Committees”
HB0263, Anderson – “Technical Cross Reference Revisions”
HB0267, Garn – “Lobbyist Disclosure and Regulation Act Amendments”
HB0271, Vickers – “Hunting Guides and Outfitters Licensing Act Amendments”
HB0273, Hutchings – “Utah International Trade Commission Amendments”
HB0276, Ray – “Sex Offender Registry Amendment”
HB0277, Johnson – “Overdose Reporting Amendments”
HB0282, Sandstrom – “Local Government Amendments”
HB0293, Webb – “Victims’ Rights Amendments”
HB0298, Ferry – “Land Use Authority Notification of Canal Development”
HB0304, Hutchings – “Lieutenant Governor Amendments”
HB0306, Hutchings – “Terrorism Amendments”
HB0308, Kiser – “State Fire Code Adoption”
HB0337, Lockhart – “Uniform Driver License Act Amendments”
HB0363, Frank – “Municipal Election Amendments”
HB0370, Clark – “Capital Project Amendments”
HB0380, Sandstrom – “Firearm Laws Amendments”
HB0397, Dougall – “Medicaid Program Amendments”
HB0402, Clark – “Department of Administrative Services Modifications”
HB0404, Ipson – “Motor Vehicle Business Amendments”
HB0406, Gowans – “State Fair Park Amendments”
HB0408, Last – “Hospital Claims Management”
HB0409, Herrod – “Civil Action for Damages Related to Addiction from Illegal Drug Sale”
HB0419, Powell – “Alcoholic Beverage Control and Signage At State Stores”
HB0421, Last – “Medical Financial Records Amendments”
HB0426, Sandstrom – “Bail Bond Licensee Representation Amendments”
HB0433, Wimmer – “Foreign Exchange Student Amendments”
HB0452, Sandstrom – “Collection Fees”
HB0461, Dougall – “Children’s Health Insurance Program”
HCR012, Daw – “Printing and Graphic Arts Recognition Month Concurrent Resolution”
HCR014, Noel – “R.S. 2477 Historic Roads Concurrent Resolution”
HCR015, Lockhart – “Resolution to the Secretary of Transportation on Revocation of Driver Licenses”
HCR017, Noel – “Concurrent Resolution Opposing the Use of Presidential Power to Create New National Monuments in Utah”

SB0030, Niederhauser – “Local Option Sales and Use Taxes for Transportation Act”
SB0043, Liljenquist – “Post-retirement Employment Amendments”
SB0048, Okerlund – “Nonlapsing Authority Technical Amendments”
SB0063, Liljenquist – “New Public Employees’ Tier II Contributory Retirement Act”
SB0084, Hinkins – “Special Service District Amendments”
SB0104, Urquhart – “Renewable Energy Modifications”
SB0126, Adams – “Subdivision Amendments”
SB0132, Valentine – “Higher Education Scholarship Amendments”
SB0134, Adams – “Partnership Tax Return Filing Deadlines”
SB0137, Liljenquist – “Coordination of Removing, Relocating, or Altering Utilities”
SB0144, Niederhauser – “Vision Screening Amendments”
SB0148, Stevenson – “Guaranteed Asset Protection Waivers”
SB0150, Morgan – “Reading Requirements for Student Advancement”
SB0167, Valentine – “Alcoholic Beverage Control Act Recodification”
SB0181, Hinkins – “Employment Security Administration Fund Repealer”
SB0191, Hillyard – “Governmental Accounting Amendments”
SB0197, Bramble – “Community Development and Renewal Agency Amendments”
SB0240, Liljenquist – “Retirement Participation Amendments”
SB0272, Stevenson – “Amendments to Transportation Provisions”