Governor Herbert Signs 28 Bills

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert signed the following bills today:

HB0052, Newbold – “Health Reform – Uniform Electronic Standards – Insurance Information”
HB0057, Fisher – “Extension of Sunset for Design-build Contract Award Authorization”
HB0062, Fisher – “Penalties for Violent Crime in Presence of a Child”
HB0066, Litvack – “Prosthetic Limb Health Insurance Parity”
HB0078, Sandstrom – “Weapons Revisions”
HB112, Dee – “Supreme Court Review of an Initiative or Referendum”
HB0115, Powell – “Counsel for Indigents in Juvenile Court Proceedings”
HB0130, Dee – “Cancer Research Special Group License Plate”
HB0139, Oda – “Emergency and Disaster Management Amendments”
HB150, Daw – “Administrative Subpoena Amendments”
HB0193, Lockhart – “Occupations and Professions Amendments”
HB0195, Wimmer – “Homicide Penalty Amendment”
HB201, Menlove – “State Fire Marshal Modifications”
HB0278, Herrod – “Government Records Access and Management Act Amendments”
HB0279, Webb – “County Recorder Amendments”
HB0284, Fowlke – “Uniform Collaborative Law Act”
HB0302, Painter – “Minor Adjustments to County Boundaries”
HB0303, Hutchings – “Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence”
HB0335, Hughes – “Utility Related Exemptions”
HB0353, Bigelow – “Nonlapsing Dedicated Credit Amendments”
HB0355, Sandstrom – “Legal Guardianship Amendments”
HB0366, Daw – “Motor Vehicle Business Regulation Act Amendments”
HB0381, Sandstrom – “Municipal Land Use Provisions”

SB045, Niederhauser – “Utah Fit Premises Act Amendments”
SB055, Adams – “Authorization of Charter Schools by Higher Education Institutions”
SB062, Urquhart – “Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage”
SB093, Bramble – “Gubernatorial Appointment Powers Amendments”
SB133, Adams – “Qualifications of State Tax Commissioners”