Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush to Address Governor’s Education Commission

SALT LAKE CITY – Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will speak at the August meeting of the Governor’s Excellence in Education Commission.

Governor Gary R. Herbert made the announcement at Tuesday’s Commission meeting at the Utah State Capitol. Bush will address the 32-member Commission on Aug. 24 in the Capitol Board Room.

“As Governor, Jeb Bush was a champion of education reform in the state of Florida,” Governor Herbert said. “His leadership resulted in increased academic standards and accountability, and his experiences will be invaluable to those of us who are working toward similar results here in Utah.”

Coordinated by Parents for Choice in Education, Governor Bush will be the keynote at several functions throughout the day, including his comprehensive presentation to the Commission. Under the leadership of Governor Bush, Florida implemented a series of education reforms that has netted substantial student gains, making Florida one of the leading states in the nation for student achievement.

Parents for Choice in Education Board Chairwoman Robyn Bagley serves on the Excellence in Education Commission and worked with Governor Herbert to facilitate the presentation. “This opportunity will provide the commission with firsthand insights into how a state was able to overcome many of the same obstacles we face with very limited resources and produced tremendous positive outcomes,” Bagley said. “Those are exactly the kind of innovative solutions the Governor is seeking through his education commission.”

After leaving office in 2007, Governor Bush founded the nonprofit Foundation for Excellence in Education. The mission of the Foundation is to foster the development of an education system that prepares students to succeed in the 21st century economy.
Governor Herbert serves as chairman of the Governor’s Excellence in Education Commission, which meets monthly at the Utah State Capitol. Additional information about the Commission is available at