Governor Herbert to Host Roundtable Discussion on Immigration Reform

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert will facilitate a roundtable discussion with various stakeholders to explore immigration reform that best serves Utah’s interests.

The Governor will invite lawmakers, members of the faith-based community, minority groups, law enforcement, business leaders and others to discuss options for the state.

“It is important that we reach broader consensus on this issue, which starts by bringing everyone to the table in respectful dialogue,” Governor Herbert said. “I would like to see legislation presented in the 2011 legislative session that is constructive and compassionate.”

Governor Herbert fully understands the frustration felt by elected officials in Utah and other states given the lack of action and initiative at the federal level with regard to the issues of illegal immigration.

“In the absence of any national solutions to these challenges, states are going to do what they feel they have to do,” the Governor said. “In Utah, the process must include all parties so legislation can be drafted that upholds the rule of law while respecting the humanity of all citizens.

“We can and we should approach this in a way that brings our community together rather than creates greater divisiveness.”