Governor Herbert Calls for ‘Thoughtful, Rational’ Approach to Immigration Reform in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY – In a roundtable discussion on immigration reform Tuesday at the Utah Capitol, Governor Gary R. Herbert called for reason to guide discussions and action on illegal immigration in the State.

“As Governor, I want to see our state take a thoughtful and rational approach to immigration reform,” Governor Herbert said in his opening remarks.

“Unfortunately, this is an emotional issue that some will try to politicize to our collective detriment. This is not a time for clever sound bites or political posturing. Instead, we must search for common ground.”

Governor Herbert invited 30 individuals to participate in the meeting, which was open to the press and the public. The participants were selected to provide a representative group of the state’s various communities of interest and differing points of view on the topic. In the first hour, participants were each given 90 seconds to make a statement, followed by a one-hour moderated question-and-answer session.

“The goal for today’s meeting is to encourage you, as some of the state’s key stakeholders, to really listen to each other. Listening is the first step to understanding, and it will lead to solutions,” the Governor said.

The complete list of participants for Tuesday’s discussion is:

1.    Pamela Atkinson, Community Advocate
2.    Lane Beattie, Salt Lake Chamber
3.    Curt Bramble, Utah Senate
4.    Ken Bullock, Utah League of Cities and Towns
5.    Chris Burbank, Salt Lake City Police Chief
6.  Peter Corroon, Salt Lake County Mayor
7.  David Clark, Speaker, Utah House of Representatives
8.  Lance Davenport, Commissioner, Utah Department of Public Safety
9.  Brad Dee, Utah House of Representatives
10. John Dougall, Utah House of Representatives
11. Brent Gardner, Utah Association of Counties
12. Jon Greiner, Utah Senate
13. Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert
14. Pat Jones, Utah Senate
15. Terry Keefe, Utah Police Chiefs Association
16. Dave Layton, Layton Construction
17. Carlos Linares, Hispanic Advisory Council
18. David Litvack, Utah House of Representatives
19. Randy Parker, Utah Farm Bureau
20. Stan Rasmussen, The Sutherland Institute
21. Sean Reyes, Parsons, Behle & Latimer
22. Luz Robles, Utah Senate
23. Ross Romero, Utah Senate
24. Dee Rowland, Catholic Diocese of Utah
25. Stephen Sandstrom, Utah House of Representatives
26. Mark Shurtleff, Utah Attorney General
27. Kirk Smith, Washington County Sheriff
28. Michael Waddoups, President, Utah Senate
29. Carl Wimmer, Utah House of Representatives
30. Doug Wright, KSL Newsradio
31. Tony Yapias, Proyecto Latino

Governor Herbert concluded the two-hour discussion by issuing a charge for all participants – and all Utahns – to continue the spirit of respectful dialogue in their own communities.

“As we conclude, I ask you to reflect upon what you may have heard today that will enable you to be part of the dialogue – not just the debate – in upcoming weeks and months,” the Governor said. “I also ask that you take what we’ve done here today and replicate it in your communities of interest. Today should have been the beginning of an ongoing conversation in our state – one that should continue well beyond today.”

The complete text of Governor Herbert’s statements is available online at