Governor Herbert Issues Statement on Illegal Immigration Reform in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert has issued the following statement regarding the illegal immigration reform legislation released by Rep. Stephen Sandstrom:
“In Utah, we will have strong and meaningful illegal immigration reform – a ‘Utah solution’ that focuses on security, public safety and protecting taxpayer interests, while also recognizing the very real human side of this issue. Absent any meaningful leadership from the federal government on this issue, individual states are being forced to take up the charge.
The bill released today by Rep. Sandstrom is a good starting point to further public discussion on the issue of illegal immigration reform in Utah. I look forward to other proposals that I expect to come forward leading up to the 2011 legislative session.
I have outlined six guiding principles that should be inherent in Utah’s efforts. Simply, these are: respect for the law; the federal government must take responsibility; private sector accountability; respect for the humanity of all people; efforts must be fair, colorblind and race-neutral; law enforcement must have appropriate tools; and relieve the burden on taxpayers.”
The full text of Governor Herbert’s immigration reform guiding principles, as well as comments from his July 20, 2010, roundtable discussion on immigration is available online at