Governor Issues Statement Regarding Congressman’s Letter to U.S. Attorney General

SALT LAKE CITY – Today Governor Gary Herbert issued the following statement in response to Texas Congressman Lamar Smith’s letter to United States Attorney General Eric Holder regarding Utah’s H.B. 116:

“Typical Washington-attempt to deflect criticism that comes from Washington’s abject failure to address immigration, then sue a state over something that won’t even take effect for two years, rather than use those two years to do something positive.

“A lawsuit is completely premature. The people of the U.S. would be better served if the federal government used the time between now and 2013 to actually address immigration, rather than sue Utah for trying to manage the practical realities we face as states due to the absence of federal action.
“Instead of throwing rocks at Utah, Congress should get off the sidelines, into the game and actually do something.”