Governor to Toss Commemorative Reagan Coin in Desert Hills-Dixie Football Game

WHAT: Governor Gary R. Herbert will participate in the Reagan Centennial National Football Coin Toss by flipping the coin at the opening of the game between rivals Desert Hills High School and Dixie High School to commemorate our 40th president’s 100th birthday.
WHO:  Governor Gary R. Herbert, Desert Hills High School football team, Dixie High School football team
WHERE: Desert Hills High School, 828 Desert Hills Drive, St. George
WHEN: Friday, September 23rd, 7:00 PM
BACKGROUND: In honor of President Reagan’s 100th birthday, nearly 14,000 high school teams have been invited to flip a Ronald Reagan Centennial Commemorative Coin bearing the President’s image at the start of each game played the weekend of September 23rd.