Governor Signs Special Session Bills

SALT LAKE CITY – Today Governor Gary R. Herbert signed the following pieces of legislation from the current special legislative session.
S.B. 3003        Amendments to Driver License Suspension for Driving Under the Influence Offenses  (Senator Scott Jenkins)
S.B. 3004        Presidential Candidate Amendments  (Senator Peter Knudson)
H.B. 3002        State Board of Education Boundaries and Election Designation  (Representative Kenneth Sumsion)
H.B. 3003        Workers’ Compensation and Unincorporated Entities Amendments  (Representative Michael Morley)
H.B. 3004        State Board of Regents Amendments  (Representative Kay McIff)
H.C.R. 301      Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 75th Anniversary of the Welfare System of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Representative Ronda Menlove)
H.C.R. 302      Concurrent Resolution on Scofield Land Transfer  (Representative Patrick Painter)