Governor Signs Final Special Session Bills

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert signed the remaining pieces of legislation from the recent special legislative session. The bills signed were:

S.B. 3001s03    Utah State Senate Boundaries and Election Designation (Sen. Okerlund)
S.B. 3002s19    Congressional Boundaries Designation (Sen. Okerlund)
S.B. 3005          Lieutenant Governor District Determinations (Sen. Okerlund)
Governor Herbert issued the following statement regarding Utah’s redistricting effort:

“Redistricting is an emotional and complex issue. For more than six months, the State Legislature engaged members of the public in an unprecedented way. I find that the Legislature followed the law, and the outcome, although not entirely satisfactory to everyone, is reasonable. Let us remember, in the final analysis, our representatives are not chosen by lines drawn on a map; they are elected by the people of Utah.”