Governor Herbert to Unveil FY 2013 Budget

What: Governor Gary R. Herbert will unveil his proposed budget for FY 2013

Who: Governor Gary R. Herbert and State Budget Director Ron Bigelow

When: Monday, December 12, 11:00 AM

Bountiful High School
695 S. Orchard Drive, Bountiful Financial Literacy Class

The Governor’s budget recommendations for FY 2013 will focus on his four policy cornerstones:  Education, Jobs, Energy, and Self-determination.  A recovering economy and fiscally prudent management will allow the State to fund critical priorities, including growth in public education.

The Governor’s budget proposal is based on sound financial principles – the same type of foundational concepts taught in high school financial literacy classes like the one at Bountiful High School in which he will unveil his budget.

Embargoed copies of the Governor’s budget proposal for FY 2013 will be available to credentialed media at 8:00 Monday morning in the Governor’s Office.