Herbert Family Christmas Traditions

December 2011

“Traditions are very important to us; they are the glue that holds the family together during the
holidays, and give the children something to look forward to every year.”
                                                                                        -Jeanette Herbert

Christmas Eve

The extended family gathers together at Grandma’s house for dinner and a talent show, which
always includes Governor Herbert playing “Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime” on the
piano. Afterward, the children re-enact the nativity scene.

Governor and Mrs. Herbert then meet with their children at the Herbert home, where they enjoy
son-in-law Casey’s famous hot chocolate. Each year his gourmet cocoa has a special twist. Last
year’s had a bit of a bite!

After hot cocoa, the family enjoys karaoke, and then unwraps the traditional Christmas pajamas.
Next, the lights are dimmed as the Herberts talk about the true meaning of Christmas.

The evening ends quietly, with the family singing “Silent Night,” then kneeling together for a
family prayer.

Christmas Morning

Each December 25th, Governor and Mrs. Herbert visit each family home in the morning to watch
their grandchildren open presents. Everyone then gathers together for Christmas brunch. Mrs.
Herbert makes the blueberry muffins and hot cocoa. Governor Herbert takes care of the bacon,
sausage and eggs.

Memorable Christmas Gifts

The Herbert children gave Mrs. Herbert a series of photo albums. Each child made their own
album, filled with pictures and fond childhood memories for their mother.
One year, Governor Herbert gave his wife a beautiful painting of the Martin Handcart Company.
Below the painting was a quote from her great, great grandmother, a member of the company.

Favorite Thing About Christmas

“We are a kinder, gentler people at Christmas. Everyone is a little happier and a little more
Christ-like. The world seems more at peace during the holiday season.”
                                                                                    -Jeanette Herbert