Governor Calls Latest Jobs Report Great News

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert called today’s Dept. of Workforce Services “Employment Summary for December 2011” great news for the people of Utah.

“Utah’s policies are working. Employment growth of three percent is certainly something to cheer about. We are steadily creating jobs while ensuring Utah maintains a predictable and stable environment for capital investment, and focused on our target of 100,000 jobs in 1,000 days. It’s clear that Utah is leading the nation out of this economic downturn,” the Governor said.

Just three months ago, the state unemployment figure was 7.4% and today’s report indicates that figure is now 6.0%. The Governor remains optimistic that Utah is heading in the right direction, “This is great news-great news for Utah and great news for Utah’s future.”

The chief economist in the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget, Juliette Tennert, said, “The numbers may bounce around a bit over the next year, but Utah has come a long way since the depths of the recession. While we are still challenged by labor force participation and unemployment, this state is posting growth that outpaces national averages.”