– Your Right to Know

by Governor Gary R. Herbert

Citizens have a right to know where their precious tax dollars go.  As a result, the State of Utah provides easy access to state and local government financial data for 380 public entities at

Officially launched in May 2009, includes revenue, expenditures, employee compensation, and financial information for state agencies, higher education institutions, public education (local school districts and charter schools), and transit districts.  Entities with total budgets of less than $1 million are currently exempted by the Board from reporting.

I am also pleased to report that local governments, in compliance with legislative mandate, have made significant progress adding their financial information to  Currently, 100% of counties, 96% of municipalities, and 84% of local and special districts have posted their revenue and expenditure information. is free.  I invite all Utah citizens to check it out and see where your tax dollars go.


Transparent Utah: Utah Public Finance Website