Education: Keeping Up with a Growing Economy

By, Governor Gary R. Herbert
From Remarks Given at the Utah School Superintendents Association Annual Meeting 


Utah is among the 11 fastest growing states in the nation. Our economy continues to grow. However, to make essential steps toward future innovations and the building of our work force, we must focus on education; as the workforce of tomorrow will have to be smarter, more educated, and more prepared to innovate than ever before. That is precisely why we must ensure Utah is on pace to have 66 percent of our adult population earn a post-secondary degree or certification by the year 2020.

Take a moment and read through how this will be accomplished:


PACE images provided by the Governor’s Education Excellence Commission


I know these goals are challenging, but they are achievable.

To better support educational growth, we must lay a foundation of learning early on. One effective program is Optimal Extended Day Kindergarten. Each year more than 8,000 kindergartners participate in optional extended day kindergarten. This program is proven to increase student scores, and in some cases the score improvement tripled. This program is one of many initiatives focused on educational growth and support.

A short time ago I invited a group of teachers, from all levels of education from throughout the state, up to the Governor’s Mansion. I wanted to hear directly from those in the classroom about how things are going in our schools. They told me of the challenges they face; of larger classrooms, fewer resources, and heightened expectations. However, despite strained budgets, our educators have valiantly pressed on to edify our students. I hope all educators (parents, mentors, professional educators, and the like) in this state know they are appreciated and that as Governor, I stand with you. Let us continue to work together in providing the best instruction and the highest standards of education.


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