Governor Asks All Media to Help Inform Public on Firework Restrictions

Cities and Towns Have Placed Firework Restrictions in Areas Deemed Unsafe
SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert is requesting the help of all statewide media to
assist with informing the public of firework restrictions.
The following link provides a list of cities with restrictions, Media are asked to link
to this page from their websites.
Media are also encouraged to outline safety measures for public to take when using fireworks
during the authorized periods, July 1-7 and 21-27.
Firework Safety Measures:
·        Do not use fireworks in restricted areas or anywhere near dry grass, weeds, trees and shrubs. Call your city or town to confirm areas that are safe.
·        Have a bucket of water or hose immediately on hand.
·        Never try to re-light or repair malfunctioned fireworks.
The Governor has repeatedly reminded residents that anyone who starts a fire will be held responsible for the cost to fight the fire and damages.