Governor Authorizes National Guard to Battle Rose Crest Fire Calls for Herriman residents to fully cooperate with emergency responders

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Herbert has authorized the deployment of the Utah National Guard to assist in the ten alarm Herriman Rose Crest fire. The National Guard is tasked with assisting in the air assault and any other effort local emergency responders need.

“Deploying the National Guard is absolutely the right and essential thing to do, especially with so many homes in danger,” said the Governor.

Late this afternoon Governor Herbert visited the two injured firefighters from the Oak City fire at the University of Utah burn unit. Firefighters Cameron Neilsen and Ross Anderson were with family members when the Governor arrived and spent a few minutes. “We cannot thank them enough. It is truly a miracle they survived,” he said. “These are modern day heroes who volunteered to step into harm’s way for others. Once again I am inspired by the great people who call Utah home.”

With hundreds of homes being threatened, the Governor strongly requests local residents fully cooperate with evacuation orders and allow emergency responders to reach endangered areas. “We need residents to obey public safety personnel and stay away.”

Early reports indicate the Rose Crest fire was ignited by a vehicle fire and is receiving an aggressive air response with retardant and water. The FMAG has just been approved. That brings the statewide total of FMAGs this week to four.

The Governor and his staff reached out to local religious leaders with a request to join him in prayer today. A letter from the Governor went to many leaders of local congregations and concluded with: “I am writing to ask you and members of your congregation, to join me in praying for the elements to be moderated, the firefighters to be safe, and the lives and homes of our fellow residents to be protected. We are in need of an extra measure of help as we battle these conflagrations.”