Happy Fourth of July

Fellow Utahns,

On this Fourth of July, we celebrate the independence given by the many who risk their lives—even sacrifice their lives—for the cause of freedom. I am so grateful for the 18,000 active military service men and women in this great state, as well as the 150,000 plus veterans. I hope all Utahns extend loving gratitude to our Soldiers, and their families, who have served our country valiantly and made it possible for us to enjoy our independence.

This July Fourth, I look forward to spending time with Jeanette, our children, and our grandchildren. I hope many of you will take time to be with those you care for most and reflect upon the privilege it is to be an American. I am particularly reminded of the marvelous blessing it is to live in beautiful Utah. Because as I travel the state, I see the challenges we face and marvel at the countless things we accomplish together here. There’s no place I would rather live. My love for Utah and for our country runs deep, and it is the greatest honor of my life to serve as Governor.

This week, let us focus on the blessings we enjoy as Utahns and as Americans. Also, let us not forget the brave Utahns who won’t be home this Fourth of July as they continue to fight for our freedoms throughout the world. My thoughts are constantly with the firefighters and other emergency responders battling wildfires across our State. Please be responsible and adhere to fireworks restrictions during this Fourth of July celebration. I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday.

God Bless,

Gov. Gary R. Herbert