Low Cost Energy Found Here

By Governor Gary R. Herbert

I recently visited the Uintah Basin, home to Utah’s thriving energy sector. Utah’s natural resource industries collectively provide about 23,000 jobs, pumping more than $230 million of direct revenue into our economy. The economic benefits ripple beyond industry jobs, though.

Because Utah energy costs are 31 percent below the national average, businesses are attracted to our state. In fact, the National Security Agency is building its first Comprehensive National Cyber-Security Initiative Data Center in Utah largely because of our abundance of stable low-cost energy.

As governor of this great State, my goal is for Utah to produce 25 percent more energy than we consume by the year 2020. By investing in responsible energy development and aggressively pursuing technological innovations in energy efficiency, we can reach this goal.

I appreciate hard working Utahns, such as those in Uintah Basin, who labor and innovate in our energy sector. As energy continues to be a critical national security issue, Utah is certain to play a major role in the development of domestic energy sources.