Governor Awards Park City High School as Top AP School School Ranked the Highest with 43 Percent of Students Passing AP Courses

PARK CITY – On the heels of the College Board releasing Advanced Placement (AP) data for the 2012 school year, Governor Gary R. Herbert, in collaboration with  his Education Excellence Commission and Prosperity 2020, recognized Park City High School (PCHS) as the top AP school in the State. The school was awarded possession of the History of Utah book, the Top AP traveling trophy, for their accomplishments. Additionally, AP students received free lunch served by the Governor and the commission, which was sponsored by Fidelity Investments.

“The AP success of Utah high schools, especially Park City, is a great indicator that we have the best and brightest students in this state and we are on the pathway to prepare them for college,” said Governor Herbert. “We no longer want students thinking K-12. Instead, they need to be focusing on K-16 and AP participation is helping accomplish just that – moving high school students towards college.”

PCHS was deemed the top AP school based off a formula multiplying the percent of students participating in the AP program, with the passing percent identified by the College Board data. PCHS had 54 percent participation with an 80 percent passing rate. The result – 43 percent of the entire student body passed AP exams (the next closest school was at 33 percent).

“In my mind, this is the result a K-12 ‘initiative’.  If our students didn’t have a strong foundation in skills, we would not be able to take them to the next level during the time of our AP courses. Furthermore, our students possess tremendous amounts of intrinsic motivation, which further allows them to achieve,” said Jennifer King, AP Psychology teacher. “If those two previously mentioned pieces were not in place, our work would be so much more difficult and our success rate would not be as high.”  Last year, 94.87% of King’s students passed the AP test.

The History of Utah Top AP traveling trophy will be an annual recognition award moving each year to the top school. The trophy is an actual 120 year old History of Utah book written by Orson F. Whitney in 1892. Utah’s progress with the AP program is part of a greater initiative by the Governor for 66 percent of all Utah adults to have a post-secondary degree by 2020.

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