Governor Wants President to Show Real Leadership

SALT LAKE CITY – Following President Obama’s State of the Union address this evening, Governor Gary R. Herbert issued the following statement:

The President gave a good speech and has outlined laudable goals. But we’ve had enough rhetoric; it’s time for action. Too much government with not enough private sector empowerment will only further slow economic growth and stifle recovery. Mr. Obama is confused about the proper roles of the federal government, the states and the private sector.

D.C. needs cuts: cut the spending, cut the rhetoric, cut the partisan games. This is the time for real leadership, and the President is the only one who can provide it. He needs to be an engaged, active, honest broker. If our President is truly serious about economic strength, he needs to get serious about spending cuts, entitlement reform, and meaningful deficit reduction. If he’s truly serious about immigration reform, he needs to work out solutions and lead. He cannot just stand back and hope. He has the responsibility to lead.

When I bought my first car, my dad taught me that you can buy it, if you can afford it. Our nation is buying much today that we cannot afford. DC has only to look to Utah for a successful fiscal model. Our house is in order.