Life without Limbs, Anti-Bullying Assembly

By Governor Gary R. Herbert

This week I had to the opportunity to introduce a remarkable young man to Utah’s school children. This man is a motivational speaker, has degrees in accounting and financial planning, and is a renowned author.

He plays soccer and golf, and he surfs. He is a husband, and a father to a beautiful baby boy. But it is how he achieved these dreams that makes him remarkable—because this young man has no limbs.

Nick Vujicic was born with tetramelia syndrome, a rare condition in which all four limbs are missing. Nick was bullied as a youth, and he even contemplated suicide. But he overcame his trials and has developed a spirit of faith and optimism that is truly awe-inspiring.

Nick spoke to our schools on Thursday, March 07, 2013, about the damage caused by teen bullying. His message hits especially close to home in Utah, a state where 22.8% of school children have been bullied. We are also particularly concerned with teen suicide. Every death is a tragedy, and we are constantly looking for ways to reach out to our youth and let them know how valuable and significant they really are.

I want to echo Nick’s sentiments, and tell each of our school children that the best things in life are yet to come. Children are our most precious resource, and I believe in a bright future for each and every Utahn.

If a man without limbs can live a rich life without limits—surely each one of us can achieve our dreams if we set our minds to it.