Governor Takes Action on 2013 Bills

Vetoes HB76

SALT LAKE CITY – Today Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert took action on bills recently passed by the 2013 Utah State Legislature. He signed several bills into law and vetoed HB76S1 Concealed Weapon Carry Amendments.

“The right to bear arms… is a fundamental right which must be jealously protected,” wrote the Governor in his letter to House Speaker Rebecca Lockhart and Senate President Wayne Niederhauser, where he stated his reasons for disapproving the bill.  He continued, “HB 76S1 does not, however, impose a restriction on the right to bear arms.  Rather, it removes an existing provision of Utah law that those who carry a concealed weapon obtain a permit.  Utah’s permitting system has been in place for decades, and in its current form for more than 15 years.  In that time, it has become a national model.”

“As a gun owner and concealed firearm permit holder, I understand the value of the permit, both to firearm owners and to the public at large,” Governor Herbert wrote.  “As a State, we must exercise extreme care that we not impose undue burdens on the right to bear arms, but I have yet to receive any credible evidence that Utah’s current permit process constitutes a hardship.”

Governor Herbert signed the following 2013 bills:

H.B. 15 Second Substitute
State Park Access Amendments
Rep. Last, B.

H.B. 16
Disposal of Certain Surplus Property
Rep. Barlow, S.

H.B. 56
Behavioral Health Care Workforce Amendments
Rep. Menlove, R.

H.B. 57
Mental and Behavioral Health Amendments
Rep. Sanpei, D.

H.B. 58 First Substitute
Protection of Athletes with Head Injuries Act Amendments
Rep. Ray, P.

H.B. 67 First Substitute
Property Taxation Revisions
Rep. Froerer, G.

H.B. 69 Second Substitute
Expungement of Records
Rep. Greenwood, R.

S.B. 17 First Substitute
Account for People with Disabilities Amendments
Sen. Dayton, M.

S.B. 18
Child Custody Proceedings Amendments
Sen. Robles, L.

S.B. 51 First Substitute
Higher Education Tuition Waivers
Sen. Urquhart, S.

S.B. 56 First Substitute
Utah 211 Referral Information Network
Sen. Weiler, T.

S.B. 73
Outdoor Recreation Office Act
Sen. Stevenson, J.

S.B. 106
Unemployment Tax Amendment
Sen. Bramble, C.

S.B. 119
Youth Court Amendments
Sen. Stevenson, J.

S.B. 132 Second Substitute
Utah Medical Education Council Amendments
Sen. Harper, W.

S.B. 135
Involuntary Commitment Amendments
Sen. Weiler, T.

S.B. 160
Patronizing a Prostitute Amendments
Sen. Stevenson, J.

S.B. 165
Physical Therapy Practice Act Amendments
Sen. Weiler, T.

S.B. 166 Second Substitute
Hospital Assessment Amendments
Sen. Hillyard, L.

S.B. 229 First Substitute
Appellate Bond for State Entities
Sen. Bramble, C.

S.C.R. 6
Concurrent Resolution on Federal Gas Tax
Sen. Henderson, D.

S.C.R. 9
Concurrent Resolution Designating a Week to Recognize Workplace Safety
Sen. Mayne, K.