Governor Herbert Signs New Bills into Law

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert has signed the following bills:

H.B. 41 Campaign Filing by Media Owner Rep. Powell, K.
H.B. 44 First Substitute Election Polling Rep. Hughes, G.
H.B. 46 Hearing Instrument Specialist Licensing Act Rep. Brown, D.
H.B. 52 Controlled Substances Revisions Rep. Ray, P.
H.B. 60 Utility Facility Siting Rep. Sagers, D.
H.B. 62 First Substitute Display of Prisoner of War and Missing in Action Flag Rep. Westwood, J.
H.B. 79 Motor Vehicle Registration and Insurance Amendments Rep. Handy, S.
H.B. 85 First Substitute Voting Recount Amendments Rep. Hall, C.
H.B. 87 Attempted Aggravated Murder Amendments Rep. Perry, L.
H.B. 100 Second Substitute Internet Privacy Amendments Rep. Barlow, S.
H.B. 101 First Substitute Homeowners Association Amendments Rep. Stanard, J.
H.B. 112 Assessment of Property If Threatened or Endangered Species Is Present Rep. Noel, M.
H.B. 113 County Governing Body Authority Rep. Handy, S.
H.B. 116 Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival Act Amendments Rep. Cunningham, R.
H.B. 118 Second Substitute Automatic External Defibrillator Restricted Account Rep. Cunningham, R.
H.B. 120 Second Substitute Information on Pharmaceutical Products Rep. Ray, P.
H.B. 131 First Substitute Constitutional and Federalism Defense Act Rep. Ivory, K.
H.B. 140 First Substitute Consumer-Focused Health Delivery and Payment Demonstration Project Rep. Barlow, S.
H.B. 141 Medicaid Emergency Room and Primary Care Amendments Rep. Kennedy, M.
H.B. 146 Health Care Provider Amendments Rep. Gibson, F.
H.B. 168 Air Quality Mitigation by Government Entities Rep. Arent, P.
H.B. 173 Necessarily Existent Small Schools Funding Amendments Rep. Powell, K.
H.B. 175 Local Political Subdivision Bonding Notice Requirements Rep. Knotwell, J.
H.B. 192 County Clerk Misconduct Penalty Rep. Layton, D.
H.B. 193 First Substitute Utah State Employment Amendments Rep. Dee, B.
H.B. 198 Aging and Adult Services Amendments Rep. Last, B.
H.B. 201 State Board of Education Leadership Amendments Rep. Eliason, S.
H.B. 209 Second Substitute Public Assistance Restrictions Rep. Brown, D.
H.B. 210 Motor Vehicle Emission Amendments Rep. Redd, E.
H.B. 212 Disease Testing for Public Safety Officers Amendments Rep. Brown, D.
H.B. 220 First Substitute Repeal of State Auditor Related Provisions Rep. Knotwell, J.
H.B. 223 Emergency Management Funding Amendments Rep. Oda, C.
H.B. 226 Benefits While a Prisoner Rep. Wilson, B.
H.B. 229 Criminal Identity Fraud Amendments Rep. Oda, C.
H.B. 234 Corporate Franchise and Income Tax Fine and Penalty Amendments Rep. Greene, B.
H.B. 237 Surety Bond Penalty Rep. Greenwood, R.
H.B. 243 Offender Registry Review Rep. Draxler, J.
H.B. 244 Mental Health Professional Practice Act Amendments Rep. Redd, E.
H.B. 245 First Substitute Consumer Protection Amendments Rep. Brown, D.
H.B. 251 Sunset Reauthorization – Employment Services for the Disabled Rep. Menlove, R.
H.B. 254 First Substitute College Credits for Veterans Rep. Ray, P.
H.B. 255 Classified School Employee Amendments Rep. Last, B.
H.B. 262 Unaffiliated Voter Amendments Rep. Hall, C.
H.B. 270 Second Substitute Prescription Drug Database Access Amendments Rep. Menlove, R.
H.B. 272 Traffic Signal Amendments Rep. Kennedy, M.
H.B. 276 Newborn Screening for Critical Congenital Heart Defects Rep. Ray, P.
H.B. 279 Administrative Hearings by Counties Rep. Cox, S.
H.B. 280 First Substitute County Government Reform Rep. Brown, M.
H.B. 281 Health Discount Program Revisions Rep. Dunnigan, J.
H.B. 284 Net Metering Billing Cycles Rep. Stratton, K.
H.B. 292 First Substitute Premium Assistance Under Medicaid and CHIP Rep. Sanpei, D.
H.B. 295 Electronic Proof of Owner’s or Operator’s Security Rep. Brown, D.
H.B. 298 Parent Seminar on Youth Protection Rep. Eliason, S.
H.B. 299 Second Substitute Bicycle Modifications Rep. Anderson, Johnny
H.B. 348 Local District Amendments Rep. Ipson, D.
H.B. 352 County Government Amendments Rep. Brown, D.
H.B. 361 Domestic Violence Statistics Reporting Rep. Perry, L.
S.B. 15 Industrial Accident Restricted Account Sen. Valentine, J.
S.B. 23 First Substitute Lieutenant Governor Candidate Amendments Sen. Knudson, P.
S.B. 29 First Substitute State Highway System Modifications Sen. Van Tassell, K.
S.B. 35 First Substitute Property Taxation of Business Personal Property Sen. Harper, W.
S.B. 36 Cigarette and Tobacco Tax and Licensing Amendments Sen. Harper, W.
S.B. 48 Special Group License Plate Revisions Sen. Knudson, P.
S.B. 58 Second Substitute Amendments to Sales and Use Tax Sen. Harper, W.
S.B. 68 First Substitute State Surplus Property Program Amendments Sen. Weiler, T.
S.B. 90 Second Substitute Condominium and Community Association Amendments Sen. Adams, J. S.
S.B. 98 Propelling a Bodily Substance Revisions Sen. Stevenson, J.
S.B. 103 Carson Smith Scholarship Amendments Sen. Adams, J. S.
S.B. 107 Second Substitute Public Shooting Ranges Sen. Christensen, A.
S.B. 131 Assault Amendments Sen. Osmond, A.
S.B. 137 Motor Vehicle Registration Enforcement Amendments Sen. Thatcher, D.
S.B. 138 Amendments to Requirements for Governor’s Proposed Budget Sen. Harper, W.
S.B. 172 Use of Bond Proceeds by Political Subdivisions Sen. Valentine, J.
S.B. 173 Residential Construction Contract Amendments Sen. Adams, J. S.
S.B. 175 Assessment of College Readiness Sen. Stephenson, H.
S.B. 179 Local Government Financial Reporting Revisions Sen. Bramble, C.
S.B. 182 Second Substitute Storage Unit Amendments Sen. Adams, J. S.
S.B. 189 Second Substitute Oncology Insurance Amendments Sen. Bramble, C.
S.B. 191 First Substitute Administrative Law Judge Amendments Sen. Harper, W.
S.B. 194 First Substitute Pharmacy Practice Act Amendments Sen. Vickers, E.
S.B. 207 Repeal of Health and Human Services Reports and Expired or Discontinued Programs Sen. Christensen, A.
S.B. 213 First Substitute Employer Association Health Plan Amendments Sen. Knudson, P.
S.B. 233 Request for Emergency Medical Assistance Amendments Sen. Bramble, C.
S.B. 241 Disclosure Requirements for Midterm Vacancy Candidates Sen. Weiler, T.
S.B. 255 Human Services Amendments Sen. Harper, W.
S.B. 259 Amendments to Disability Waiting List Sen. Christensen, A.
S.B. 284 First Substitute Educational Technology Amendments Sen. Stevenson, J.
S.B. 289 Election Offense Amendments Sen. Knudson, P.
S.C.R. 7 Concurrent Resolution to Reduce Utah’s Dependence on Federal Funds Sen. Osmond, A.