Governor Herbert Signs New Bills into Law

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert has signed the following bills:

S.B. 19 Commercial Driver License Amendments Sen. Van Tassell, K.
S.B. 21 Unincorporated Business Entities Sen. Hillyard, L.
S.B. 28 Boards and Commissions Amendments Sen. Knudson, P.
S.B. 31 Special Needs Adoption Tax Credit Sen. Harper, W.
S.B. 34 Special Election Date for Ballot Propositions Sen. Stephenson, H.
S.B. 61 Hunting Permit Amendments Sen. Christensen, A.
S.B. 65 Third Substitute Election Code – Financial Reporting Requirement Amendments Sen. Valentine, J.
S.B. 67 Third Substitute Consumer Protection Revisions Sen. Bramble, C.
S.B. 78 Pharmacy Act Amendments Sen. Adams, J. S.
S.B. 83 First Substitute Limitations on Outside Employment by Government Employee Sen. Weiler, T.
S.B. 101 Division of Water Rights Revisions Sen. Dayton, M.
S.B. 104 Second Substitute Vulnerable Users of Highways Amendments Sen. Weiler, T.
S.B. 105 Board of Pardons and Parole Revisions Sen. Thatcher, D.
S.B. 130 Security Personnel Licensing Act Amendments Sen. Dayton, M.
S.B. 155 First Substitute Postadoption Contact Agreements Sen. Hillyard, L.
S.B. 164 Parole Violator Centers Allocations Sen. Robles, L.
S.B. 171 Sales and Use Tax Exemption for Electronic Financial Payment Services Sen. Stephenson, H.
S.B. 186 Insurance Transactions Amendments Sen. Robles, L.
S.B. 214 First Substitute Continuing Education for Prescription Drugs Sen. Jones, P.
S.B. 232 Adoption Code Revisions Sen. Weiler, T.
S.B. 268 Human Services Background Checks Amendments Sen. Christensen, A.
S.B. 269 First Substitute Property Tax Revisions Sen. Valentine, J.
S.B. 276 Water Conservancy District Capital Assets Sen. Valentine, J.
S.B. 281 Debt Collection Information Amendments Sen. Bramble, C.
S.B. 282 Adoption Notification Requirements Sen. Robles, L.
H.B. 47 Third Substitute Insurance Law Amendments Rep. Dunnigan, J.
H.B. 94 Fourth Substitute Free Market Protection and Privatization Board Act Amendments Rep. Stratton, K.
H.B. 147 Utah Marriage Commission Rep. Christensen, L.
H.B. 230 First Substitute Emergency Vehicle Operators Training Requirements Rep. Froerer, G.
H.B. 233 Funeral Services Licensing Act Amendments Rep. Menlove, R.
H.B. 235 First Substitute Process Server Amendments Rep. Perry, L.
H.B. 240 Alcohol Service in Restaurants Rep. Fisher, J.
H.B. 249 Refugee Services Fund Amendments Rep. Peterson, J.
H.B. 261 Payroll Amendments – Public Safety Rep. Greenwood, R.
H.B. 278 First Substitute Public School Seismic Studies Rep. Froerer, G.
H.B. 289 Fireworks Amendments Rep. Dunnigan, J.
H.B. 304 Enterprise Zone Amendments Rep. Powell, K.
H.B. 316 Traffic Amendments Rep. Anderson, Johnny H.B. 323 Second Substitute Health Insurance Prior Authorization Rep. Last, B.
H.B. 325 Military Installation Development Authority Amendments Rep. Dee, B.
H.B. 326 Division of Water Rights Amendments Rep. Webb, R. C.
H.B. 327 Probate Amendments Rep. Snow, V. L.
H.B. 328 First Substitute Highway Littering and Failing to Secure a Load Amendments Rep. Greenwood, R.
H.B. 329 Medicaid Vision Amendments Rep. Menlove, R.
H.B. 331 Property Damage Claims Rep. Snow, V. L.
H.B. 332 Alternate Dispute Resolution Amendments Rep. Edwards, R.
H.B. 334 Special Service District Reorganization Rep. McCay, D.
H.B. 336 First Substitute Amendments to Economic Development Rep. Wilcox, R.
H.B. 338 Alimony Revisions Rep. McIff, K. H.B. 340 Snow College Economic Development and Workforce Preparation Advisory Committee Rep. McIff, K.
H.B. 342 First Substitute Wild Turkey Management Rep. Menlove, R.
H.B. 344 Establishment of Charter Schools Amendments Rep. Lifferth, D.
H.B. 345 Expanding Access for Sixth Graders to Secondary Education Rep. Brown, D.
H.B. 357 Waste Management Facilities Siting Amendments Rep. Menlove, R.
H.B. 360 Water and Irrigation Revisions Rep. Wilcox, R.
H.B. 363 Public Education State Capitol Visit Funding Rep. Eliason, S.
H.B. 369 State Auditor Revisions Rep. Hall, C.
H.B. 373 Small School Funding Rep. McIff, K.
H.B. 375 Radiologist Assistant Provisions Rep. Redd, E.
H.B. 376 First Substitute Public Funds and Accounts Amendments Rep. Hutchings, E.
H.B. 377 First Substitute Transportation Funding Modifications Rep. Dee, B.
H.B. 378 First Substitute Election Revisions Rep. Hall, C.
H.B. 382 Escalante Region Grazing Zone Rep. Noel, M.
H.B. 385 First Substitute Duties and Withdrawal of Trustee Rep. Snow, V. L.
H.B. 387 Vital Statistics Act Amendments Rep. Nielson, J.
H.B. 393 Competency-based Education Amendments Rep. Hughes, G.
H.B. 399 Name Amendments to Funds and Accounts Rep. Eliason, S.
H.B. 401 Second Substitute Statute of Limitations on Trespass Rep. Froerer, G.
H.B. 408 Criminal Suspect Photographs Rep. Ray, P.
H.C.R. 5 First Substitute Concurrent Resolution on Regional Correctional Facilities and County Jail Contracting Rep. Noel,
M. H.C.R. 8 Concurrent Resolution on Parkinson’s Disease Rep.