Governor Herbert Signs New Bills into Law

 SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert has signed the following bills: H.B. 43 First Substitute Campaign Finance Reporting by Corporations Rep. Hughes, G.

H.B. 75 Third Substitute Occupational and Professional Licensing Amendments Rep. Greene, B.
H.B. 88 Second Substitute Land Use Amendments Rep. Brown, M.
H.B. 111 Second Substitute Eminent Domain Amendments Rep. Perry, L.
H.B. 117 Regulation of Tattoo Industry Rep. Stanard, J.
H.B. 125 Interstate Local Emergency Response Act Rep. Oda, C.
H.B. 126 Off-highway Vehicle User Fee Amendments Rep. Cox, S.
H.B. 128 Driver License Suspension Modifications Rep. Sagers, D.
H.B. 139 Fifth Substitute Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Action Center Rep. Peterson, V.
H.B. 142 Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office Amendments Rep. Barrus, R.
H.B. 145 First Substitute Youth Organization Restricted Accounts and Income Tax Contributions Rep. Eliason, S.
H.B. 156 Sixth Substitute Restoration of Terminated Parental Rights Rep. Christensen, L.
H.B. 160 First Substitute Health System Reform Amendments Rep. Dunnigan, J.
H.B. 164 Second Substitute State and Political Subdivision Jurisdictional Amendments Rep. Roberts, M. H.B. 176 Utah Industrial Facilities and Development Act Amendments Rep. Brown, D.
H.B. 195 Budgetary Procedures Act Revisions Rep. Ivory, K.
H.B. 205 Contingency Plans for Political Subdivisions Rep. Ivory, K.
H.B. 228 Fourth Substitute Alcoholic Beverage Control Act Amendments Rep. Wilcox, R.
H.C.R. 10 Concurrent Resolution on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and State Health Care Reform Rep. Ivory, K.
S.B. 2 New Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriations Act Sen. Hillyard, L.
S.B. 64 First Substitute Homeowner Association Reserve Account Amendments Sen. Urquhart, S.
S.B. 80 First Substitute Removal from Database Restricting Firearm Purchase Sen. Thatcher, D.
S.B. 99 First Substitute Labor Amendments Sen. Harper, W.
S.B. 102 Second Substitute Contractor Licensing Amendments Sen. Harper, W.
S.B. 122 First Substitute Student Leadership Skills Development Sen. Osmond, A.
S.B. 142 Repeal of Blacklisting Provisions Sen. Thatcher, D.
S.B. 168 Certified Public Accountant Licensing Amendments Sen. Bramble, C.
S.B. 183 Second Substitute Adoption Agency Modifications Sen. Robles, L.
S.B. 187 Second Substitute Food Handler Licensing Amendments Sen. Bramble, C.
S.B. 190 Third Substitute Procurement Revisions Sen. Jenkins, S.
S.B. 193 Vehicle Registration Amendments Sen. Jenkins, S.
S.B. 196 Third Substitute License Plate Reader Amendments Sen. Weiler, T.
S.B. 200 Third Substitute Local and Special Service Districts Amendments Sen. Stevenson, J.
S.B. 208 Solar Photovoltaic Contractor License Amendments Sen. Vickers, E.
S.B. 215 Peace Officer Standards and Training Certification Age Requirement Sen. Hillyard, L.
S.B. 218 Receiving Centers Funding Amendments Sen. Thatcher, D.
S.B. 222 Transportation Amendments Sen. Harper, W.
S.B. 225 Immigration Trigger Dates Sen. Bramble, C.
S.B. 236 Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage Amendments Sen. Hillyard, L.
S.B. 247 First Substitute Amendments to Revenue and Taxation Sen. Harper, W.
S.B. 249 First Substitute Salvage and Nonrepairable Vehicle Amendments Sen. Urquhart, S.
S.B. 256 Preconstruction and Construction Liens Amendments Sen. Jenkins, S. S.B. 258 Rename Utah State University – College of Eastern Utah Sen. Hinkins, D.
S.B. 260 Third Substitute Early Childhood Education Programs Amendments Sen. Urquhart, S.
S.B. 272 First Substitute Public School Funding Amendments Sen. Bramble, C.
S.B. 277 First Substitute Green River Energy Zone Sen. Hinkins, D.