Elections Office Plans to Appoint Special Counsel for Swallow Allegations

SALT LAKE CITY – Today the Elections Office determined that two counts of the 12 allegations against Attorney General John Swallow will be sent to special counsel for review to determine whether violations occurred. The resolution of a third count may hinge on the determination made on these other two counts, and thus will also remain open.

On March 7, 2013, the Elections Office received a verified petition alleging Swallow violated the Utah Election Code on twelve counts. Utah Code Section 20A-1-703 requires the Lieutenant Governor to gather information and determine whether a special investigation is necessary.

After reviewing the allegations set forth in the verified petition the Elections Office determined counts five, seven, and ten need further review. “After a meticulous review, it became apparent there were some legal questions regarding estate planning and trusts which fall outside the realm of election law,” said Mark Thomas, Chief Deputy for the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. “Special counsel will provide additional review of the outstanding legal questions and help to determine if violations occurred.”

A Request for Proposal (RFP) will be made available through the Division of Purchasing. Any qualified attorney or law firm wishing to act as the special counsel in this matter may respond to the RFP.