State Supports Stricter Vehicle Emission and Fuel Standards

SALT LAKE CITY – Last Thursday Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert sent an official letter to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) detailing Utah’s support for the Tier 3 Vehicle Emissions and Fuel Standards Program (Tier 3 Program).

“This is really a strategy to help Utah achieve better air quality statewide and could well do more for our region’s health and environment than other efforts,” said the Governor.  “This effort to reduce emissions can make a meaningful difference in Utah’s unique circumstances.”

In his letter to acting EPA Administrator Robert Perciasepe, the Governor conveyed that the health and environmental benefits of Tier 3 Program standards should be created in an economically sound way.

“I am always cautious of the costs and unintended consequences of regulation and have made it a priority of my administration to eliminate unnecessary regulatory burdens that stifle innovation and economic activity. I am particularly concerned that we not impose undue burdens on consumers …,” the Governor wrote.  The costs “appear relatively modest and less than the benefits of the Tier 3 Program in terms of reduced health-care costs, improved economic activity, and better quality of life.”

In his two-page letter, the Governor underscored the need to minimize and mitigate disruption and cost to refineries, as the expense will likely be passed on to consumers. He also encouraged the EPA to allow minor emission increases expected from the production of Tier 3 gasoline to offset reduced mobile source emissions.