Governor Issues Revised Call, Adds Items to Special Legislative Session

Salt Lake City – Today Governor Gary R. Herbert signed a revised proclamation adding three items to the call convening the Utah Legislature into Special Session on July 17, 2013, at 12:30 p.m.

Under the revised call, the Legislature will consider a joint resolution approving a settlement in the longstanding case between Deep Creek Ranch and the State Armory Board, accompanied by a related appropriation. Technical questions regarding this item should be directed to the Utah Attorney General’s Office.

The Legislature will also consider amendments to licensing statutes that would allow out-of-state investigators to assist a legislative investigative committee investigate an elected official or to assist the Legislature with an inquiry. Third, the Legislature will discuss HB155, Utah Code Sections 53-13-106 and 78-6-512.

These three items are in addition to a number of other items to be discussed in the Special Session, including possible changes to legislative subpoenas, the provision of testimony and evidence, and to immunity statutes. The Legislature will further consider enacting provisions governing the work of legislative investigative committees.

Other items included on the Special Session call are possible changes to provisions related to the unauthorized practice of law and for the Senate to consent to appointments made by the Governor.