Utah Job Growth Continues at Slower Pace

SALT LAKE CITY-Job growth in Utah slowed slightly and unemployment ticked upward during June, according to figures released today by the Utah Department of Workforce Services.

Utah’s job growth in June was 2.2 percent, down from 2.6 percent in May, but still half a percent higher than the national rate. While unemployment rose slightly from 4.6 percent to 4.7 percent, Utah’s rate is 2.9 percent lower than the national rate of 7.6 percent.

“The good news is that Utah continues to grow jobs and add more people to the workforce,” said Utah Governor Gary R. Herbert. “Moreover, because of our productive and well-educated workforce, low taxes and sound fiscal fundamentals, Utah is poised for long-term, sustained growth – a true measure of economic strength.”

Juliette Tennert, chief economist at the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, said, the state’s slight dip in the rate of job growth must be kept in perspective.

“Overall, we are continuing to do well,” Tennert said. “During June, Utah ranked third in the nation in private sector job growth as compared to the year before, and our unemployment rate last month was the eighth-lowest in the nation.

Since June 2012, 28,200 jobs have been added to Utah’s economy. From May to June, 5,472 people have been added to employment rolls in the state. The Wall Street Journal ranks Utah as one of the top 10 states with the fastest-growing economies.