Governor Says It’s Time to Honor Redford and Sundance

SALT LAKE CITY – This Saturday evening at the Grand America Hotel, Governor Gary R. Herbert and hundreds of guests will honor film star, conservationist and entrepreneur Robert Redford for his numerous contributions to the State of Utah.

The sold out, black tie event, entitled The Governor’s Salute to Robert Redford: A Utah Tribute to an American Icon, is a once in a lifetime opportunity to recognize Redford’s ties to the Beehive State. “The time is right to pay tribute to Robert Redford and the Sundance brand,” said the Governor. “This transcends politics.”

“Redford is truly one of a kind, and certainly more than an American icon of film and entertainment. He has elevated Utah’s visibility through a premier ski resort, a world-class film festival and one of the most successful catalog companies in the nation,” the Governor added. “He loves Utah and wants to preserve its distinct beauty. Moreover, he’s created jobs and enhanced Utah’s film and tourism industries in a meaningful way.”

Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development Spencer Eccles echoed the Governor. Referencing a study completed this year by the Bureau of Economic and Business research at the University of Utah, Eccles noted, “The Sundance Film Festival drives nearly $70 million in economic revenue to the State of Utah annually, and that event, complemented by the Sundance ski resort and the Sundance catalog, fuels thousands of jobs, which contributes approximately $6 million in state and local tax revenue annually.”

Redford’s extensive career highlights include Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Jeremiah Johnson, The Electric Horseman, The Candidate, Ordinary People, The Natural, and Out of Africa. His most recent movie, All is Lost, is a tale of survival at sea.

Utah Film Commission Director Marshall Moore said the Utah film and digital media industry would not be the same without the Sundance Film Festival. He said, “Not only does Sundance attract thousands of visitors to Utah; it helps to elevate the profile and quality of our university film and digital media programs, that are packed with students. Utah has been widely recognized as having some of the best film and digital media programs in the country.”

No part of Saturday’s event is paid for by state or taxpayer dollars. Major event underwriting is courtesy of Spence Eccles; Ian Cumming; Jon Huntsman, Sr.; Scott Anderson and Zion Bank; and Kem Gardner. Ticket sales proceeds will cover event costs, with any excess being donated to an art non-profit organization.

Media representatives who desire to cover the event may contact Nate McDonald for more information.