Statements on Judge Shelby’s decision to decline Motion of Stay

Acting Attorney General Brian Tarbet:

“Following Judge Shelby’s decision to decline our Motion of Stay, the state of Utah renewed its request for a Motion of Stay before the Tenth Circuit Court. The State did so in order to avoid the confusion that Judge Shelby’s decision and absence of a Stay are causing throughout Utah. The Attorney General’s Office hopes to have a response soon from the Tenth Circuit Court with respect to the motion. We have done all we can up to this point and we will continue to pursue all avenues available to us.”

Governor Gary R. Herbert:

“I want all Utahns to understand I am committed to advancing this issue through the judicial system as we work toward a clear and understandable resolution.

I recognize that this is a highly emotional issue with people of goodwill on both sides of the debate. I encourage everyone to remain respectful of one another and of the legal process.”