Governor’s Office gives direction to state agencies on same sex marriage issues

SALT LAKE CITY – (Dec. 24, 2013) The Governor’s Office sent the following email to Cabinet Members today in regards to issues stemming from the recent federal court rulings on Amendment 3 to the Utah State Constitution:

Dear Cabinet,
Thanks to each of you for providing an analysis of the impacts to the
operations in your respective agencies based on the recent federal
district court ruling on same sex marriage. As indicated in your
responses, many agencies will experience minimal or no impact.

For those agencies that now face conflicting laws either in statute or
administrative rule, you should consult with the Assistant Attorney
Generals assigned to your agency on the best course to resolve those
conflicts. You should also advise your analyst in GOMB of the plans
for addressing the conflicting laws.

Where no conflicting laws exist you should conduct business in
compliance with the federal judge’s ruling until such time that the current
district court decision is addressed by the 10th Circuit Court.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.