Utah’s business community supports Governor’s plan on health care for poor

Utah’s business community has spoken out in support of Gov. Herbert’s innovative plan to provide health care for Utahns living in poverty.

In an op-ed published in today’s Salt Lake Tribune, co-chairs of the Salt Lake Chamber’s health reform task force, Marc Bennett and Andrew Crowshaw write:

“Our community will be healthier and financially stronger as we utilize available federal dollars to provide access to health coverage for the poorest among us.”

Bennett, the president and CEO of HealthInsight, and Crowshaw, president of Leavitt Partners Consulting also added:

“We should pursue all available federal dollars to develop a flexible solution that strengthens a competitive, private insurance market, promotes individual accountability by those receiving assistance, and prevents the state from being left on the hook for providing additional ongoing benefits if the federal government becomes unable or unwilling to hold up its end of the bargain. We believe these aims can be achieved through the innovative approach Gov. Gary Herbert is proposing.”

You can read the full op-ed HERE.