Governor signs bills

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert has signed the following 2014 bills:

H.B. 11 Overdose Reporting Amendments Rep. Moss
H.B. 19 Electric Vehicle Battery Charging Service Amendments Rep. Arent
H.B. 28 Wildlife License Expiration Amendments Rep. Noel
H.B. 29 County Recorder Index Amendments Rep. Webb
H.B. 30 Controlled Substances Amendments Rep. Ray
H.B. 31 Pollution Control Amendments Rep. Wilcox
H.B. 105 Plant Extract Amendments Rep. Froerer
H.B. 196 Fleet Management Amendments Rep. Hutchings
H.B. 209 Extension of Sales and Use Tax Exemption Rep. Wilcox
H.B. 217 Service Animals Rep. Wilcox
H.B. 261 Domestic Horse Disposal Rep. Anderegg
H.B. 264 Disabled Parking Fine Amendments Rep. Seelig
H.B. 282 Amendments to Election Laws Rep. Powell
H.B. 287 Arbitration for Dog Bits Amendments Rep. Christensen
S.B. 165 Trial Hunting Authorization Sen. Okerlund
S.B. 166 Energy Amendments Sen. Madsen
S.B. 173 Child Protection Amendments Sen. Weiler
S.B. 199 Amendments to Emergency Telephone Service Law Sen. Bramble
S.C.R. 7 Concurrent Resolution on Comprehensive Statewide Wildland Fire Prevention, Preparedness, and Suppression Policy Sen. Vickers
S.C.R. 8 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Canyonlands National Park’s 50th Anniversary Sen. Hinkins