Governor signs bills

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert has signed the following 2014 bills:

H.B. 214 Special Group License Plate Amendments Rep. Ray
H.B. 272 Municipal Election Amendments – Office Hours Rep. Knotwell
H.B. 289 Traffic-control Signal Amendments Rep. Anderson
H.B. 290 Criminal Code – General Provisions Rep. Moss
H.B. 309 State Veterinarian Amendments Rep. Menlove
H.B. 353 Repeal of Agriculture Conservation Easement Account Rep. Brown
H.C.R. 1
First Substitute
Concurrent Resolution Designating Call Your Military Hero Day Rep. Fisher
H.C.R. 5 Concurrent Resolution to Protect State Funds Rep. Spendlove
S.B. 26 Air Conservation Act Reauthorization Sen. Jenkins
S.B. 32 State Highway System Amendments Sen. Van Tassell
S.B. 35 Administrative Rules Reauthorization Sen. Stephenson
S.B. 41 State Tree Change Sen. Okerland
S.B. 46
Second Substitute
Administrative Subpoena Modifications Sen. Madsen
S.B. 115 Court Transcript Fees Sen. Jones
S.B. 125 Retired Volunteer Health Care Practitioner Amendments Sen. Henderson
S.B. 176 Local Funding for Rural Health Care Amendments Sen. Okerlund
S.B. 205 Controlled Substance Penalty Amendment Sen. Hillyard
S.B. 206 Tax, Fee, or Charge Offense and Penalty Amendments Sen. Bramble
S.B. 208
Second Substitute
Public Utility Modifications Sen. Bramble
S.B. 214 Multistate Tax Compact Amendments Sen. Bramble
S.B. 217 Public Utilities Amendments Sen. Van Tassell
S.B. 259 Victim Reparations Funds Amendments Sen. Madsen
S.C.R. 3 Concurrent Resolution on the School of Dentistry Serving Underprivileged Children Sen. Jones