Governor signs bills

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert has signed the following 2014 bills:

H.B.0014 Administrative Rulemaking Amendments Rep. Oda
H.B.0018 Driver License Amendments Rep. Handy
H.B.0025 Eminent Domain Amendments Rep. Perry
H.B.0039 Election Law – Independent Expenditures Amendments Rep. Sagers
H.B.0062 Recreational Vehicle Title Amendments Rep. Ipson
H.B.0080 Speed Limit Amendments Rep. Dunnigan
H.B.0092S01 Utah Education and Telehealth Network Amendments Rep. Menlove
H.B.0111 School Building Costs Reporting Rep. Knotwell
H.B.0273 Property Tax Residential Exemption Amendments Rep. Snow
H.B.0339 County Budget Amendments Rep. Selig
H.B.0346 Foster Children Amendments Rep. Anderson
H.C.R.002 Concurrent Resolution Designating Identify Your Pet Day Rep. Romero
H.C.R.004 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 20th Anniversary of the School Sign and Institutional Lands Administration Rep. Brown
S.B.0029 Controlled Substance Database Amendments Sen. Christensen
S.B.0038S01 Snow College Concurrent Education Program Sen. Okerlund
S.B.0040S01 Financial and Economic Literacy Amendments Sen. Jones
S.B.0050 Transition for Repealed Navajo Trust Fund Act Sen. Hinkins
S.B.0055S02 Pharmaceutical Dispensing Amendments Sen. Vickers
S.B.0056S01 Risk Management Amendments Sen. Bramble
S.B.0058 Carbon Monoxide Detection Amendments Sen. Dabakis
S.B.0070 State Data Portal Amendments Sen. Henderson
S.B.0105 Financial Disclosure Reporting Amendments Sen. Dayton
S.B.0129S02 Insurance Amendments Sen. Bramble
S.B.0138 Controlled Substances Act Amendments Sen. Vickers
S.B.0145 Background Check Amendments Sen. Bramble
S.B.0149S01 Drowsy Driving Amendments Sen. Osmond
S.B.0156 Construction Trades Licensing Act Amendments Sen. Bramble
S.B.0160 Workers’ Compensation Amendments Sen. Valentine
S.B.0169S02 Public Meetings Materials Requirements Sen. Henderson
S.B.0170S01 Education Loan Amendments Sen. Knudson