Governor signs bills

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert has signed the following 2014 bills:

H.B. 9 Revenue Bond and Capital Facilities Amendments Rep. Froerer
H.B. 16 Wrongful Lien Amendments Rep. Webb
H.B. 17 Interlocal Act Amendments Rep. Anderson, Johnny
H.B. 26 Association Lien Amendments Rep. Stanard
H.B. 33 Reauthorization of Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism Rep. Edwards
H.B. 35 Reauthorization of Utah Health Data Authority Act Rep. Dunnigan
H.B. 40 Beer Excise Tax Revenue Amendments Rep. Draxler
H.B. 48 Reports on Alternative Sentencing Rep. Duckworth
H.B. 50 Involuntary Feeding and Hydration of Inmates Amendments Rep. Greenwood
H.B. 59 National Guard Program Amendments Rep. Peterson, V.
H.B. 64 Utah History Day Rep. Draxler
H.B. 71 Distribution of Intimate Images Rep. Poulson
H.B. 74 Energy Efficient Vehicle Tax Credits Rep. Snow
H.B. 85 Electronic Filing of Traffic Citations and Accident Reports Amendments Rep. Cox
H.B. 90 Women in the Economy Commission Rep. Seelig
H.B. 95 Applied Technology College Governance Amendments Rep. Ipson
H.B. 115 Condominium and Community Association Lien Amendments Rep. Moss
H.B. 119 Opiate Overdose Emergency Treatment Rep. Moss
H.B. 127 Consumer Lending Amendments Rep. Dunnigan
H.B. 152 Highway Sponsorship Program Act Rep. Knotwell
H.B. 194 Public Safety Retirement Conversion Window Rep. Perry
H.B. 203 Bail Bond Recovery Licensure Board Amendments Rep. Redd
H.B. 213 Criminal Penalties for Sexual Contact with a Student Rep. Christensen
H.B. 220 Land Use Amendments Rep. Froerer
H.B. 222 Veteran’s Preference Amendments Rep. Peterson, V.
H.B. 247 Court Parking Facilities Rep. Wiley
H.B. 253 State Fair Corporation Board Amendments Rep. McKell
H.B. 254 Human Trafficking Victim Amendments Rep. Seelig
H.B. 257 Aggravated Sexual Abuse of a Child Amendments Rep. Wilson
H.B. 265 Probate Code Amendments Rep. Snow
H.B. 276 Disorderly Conduct Amendments Rep. Oda
H.B. 280 Technical Revisions to Pawnshop Statute Rep. Romero
H.B. 293 Government Immunity Wildlife Waiver Amendments Rep. McKell
H.B. 296 Concealed Weapon Permit Exemptions Amendments Rep. Greenwood
H.B. 301 Concealed Weapon Permit for Servicemembers Rep. Peterson, V.
H.B. 304 Law Enforcement Volunteer Amendments Rep. Greenwood
H.B. 308 Criminal Penalty Amendments Rep. Hall
H.B. 313 Veterans’ and Military Affairs Commission Rep. Cosgrove
H.B. 315 Judgment Lien Amendments Rep. Webb
H.B. 325 Judicial Performance Evaluation Commission Amendments Rep. Hutchings
H.B. 326 State Construction Code Revisions Rep. Spendlove
H.B. 327 Veterans’ Employment Opportunity Amendments Rep. Ray
H.B. 334 Bail Bondsmen Amendments Rep. Redd
H.B. 340 Local District Boundary Adjustments Rep. Peterson, J.
H.B. 341 Federal Land Acquisition Amendments Rep. Noel
H.B. 344 Incorporation Election Amendments Rep. Cox
H.B. 349 Repeal of Transportation Related Funds Rep. Brown
H.B. 350 Removal of Directors of Nonprofit Corporations Rep. Pitcher
H.B. 365 Natural Resources Related Account Repeals Rep. Brown
H.B. 375 Parent-time after Relocation of a Parent Rep. Froerer
H.B. 376 Alcohol Revisions Rep. Wilcox
H.B. 380 Repeal of Housing Relief Expendable Special Revenue Fund Rep. Brown
H.B. 384 Concussion and Head Injury Amendments Rep. Ray
H.B. 386 Repeal of Utah History Endowment Fund Rep. Brown
H.B. 390 Unlawful Activities Amendments Rep. Chavez- Houck
H.B. 404 Court Security Fee Amendments Rep. Ray
H.B. 408 Election Requirements Amendments Rep. Christofferson
H.B. 411 Victim Restitution Amendments Rep. Wilson
H.B. 427 Asset Forfeiture Revisions Rep. Hutchings
H.B. 437 Capitol Preservation Board Donation Amendments Rep. Hutchings
H.C.R. 8 Concurrent Resolution Regarding Moving the State Prison Rep. Wilson
H.C.R. 9 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing the 20th Anniversary of the Utah Commission on Service and Volunteerism Rep. Spendlove
H.C.R. 10 Concurrent Resolution on School and Institutional Trust Lands Exchange Act Rep. Noel
H.C.R. 11 Concurrent Resolution Recognizing 100th Anniversary of Logan Regional Hospital Rep. Redd
S.B. 9 State Land Acquisition and General Obligation Bond Authorization Amendments Sen. Harper
S.B. 14 Long-term Care Partnership Sen. Weiler
S.B. 15 Reemployment Restrictions Amendments Sen. Weiler
S.B. 18 Local Government General Fund Amendments Sen. Thatcher
S.B. 20 Trustee’s Sale for Rental Property – Sunset Act Amendments Sen. Harper
S.B. 21 State Construction Code Amendments Sen. Dayton
S.B. 22 Workforce Services Job Listing Amendments Sen. Knudson
S.B. 24 Amendment to Procurement Code Exemptions Sen. Dayton
S.B. 27 Reauthorization of Massage Therapy Licensure Act Sen. Valentine
S.B. 44 Workers’ Compensation and Employee Misconduct Sen. Mayne
S.B. 45 Military Installation Development Authority Amendments Sen. Stevenson
S.B. 52 Utility Relocation on Highway Projects Sen. Van Tassell
S.B. 59 Independent Entities Financial Transparency Disclosure Sen. Henderson
S.B. 62 Utah Science Technology and Research Governing Authority Amendments Sen. Shiozawa
S.B. 71 Informed Consent Amendments Sen. Harper
S.B. 87 Contractor Employee Amendments Sen. Mayne
S.B. 95 Revisor’s Statute Sen. Okerlund
S.B. 99 State Vehicle Efficiency Requirements Sen. Jenkins
S.B. 120 Shelter Animal Vaccine Amendments Sen. Jenkins
S.B. 127 Labor Commission Decision Amendments Sen. Mayne
S.B. 140 Advanced Placement Test Funding Sen. Mayne
S.B. 158 Cemetery Amendments Sen. Jenkins
S.B. 172 Capital Improvement and Capital Development Project Amendments Sen. Harper
S.B. 179 Procurement Revisions Sen. Jenkins
S.B. 184 Local Government Inspection Amendments Sen. Adams
S.B. 185 Law Enforcement Transparency Sen. Henderson
S.B. 187 Highway Rights-of-way Amendments Sen. Adams
S.B. 189 Residence Lien Restriction Amendments Sen. Weiler
S.B. 192 Amendments to Automatic External Defibrillator Restricted Account Sen. Jenkins
S.B. 193 Naturopathic Practice Act Amendments Sen. Adams
S.B. 196 Medical Waste Incineration Prohibition Sen. Weiler
S.B. 201 Expungement Modifications Sen. Jenkins
S.B. 203 Immigration Amendments Sen. Bramble
S.B. 204 Retirement System Opt-out for Rural Health Care Centers Sen. Hinkins
S.B. 210 Prescription Synchronization Sen. Bramble
S.B. 215 Public School Comprehensive Emergency Response Plan Amendments Sen. Osmond
S.B. 225 Repeal of Business Development for Disadvantaged Rural Communities Account Sen. Hillyard
S.B. 234 Cory B. Wride Memorial Highway Sen. Madsen
S.B. 238 Repeal of Substance Abuse Donation Fund Sen. Hillyard
S.B. 245 Internet Voting Pilot Project Amendments Sen. Bramble
S.B. 248 Judicial Retention Election Amendments Sen. Bramble
S.B. 254 Repeal of Certified Nurse Midwife Education and Enforcement Account Sen. Hillyard
S.B. 256 Asset Forfeiture Amendments Sen. Stephenson
S.B. 264 Retention of Outside Counsel, Expert Witnesses, and Litigation Support Services Sen. Adams
S.B. 267 Governmental Immunity Act Amendments Sen. Weiler
S.B. 268 Prison Relocation Commission Sen. Stevenson
S.B. 273 Repeal of Veterans’ Nursing Home Reimbursement Account Sen. Hillyard