Governor signs bills

SALT LAKE CITY – Governor Gary R. Herbert has signed the following 2014 bills:

HB0021 System of Care for Minors in State Custody Rep. Sanpei
HB0023 Suicide Prevention Revisions Rep. Eliason
HB0032 College Credit for Veterans Rep. Cosgrove
HB0045 In-state Tuition for Military Servicemembers and Veterans Rep. Oda
HB0053 Restitution Amendments Rep. Peterson, J.
HB0093 Property Tax Assessment Amendments Rep. Greene
HB0113S02 Pharmacy Benefit Manager Amendments Rep. Last
HB0118S01 Personal Injury Damages Amendments Rep. McIff
HB0120S01 Continuing Education on Federalism Rep. Ivory
HB0123 Property Tax Lien Amendments Rep. Wheatley
HB0128S01 Electronic Device Location Amendments Rep. Wilcox
HB0129S01 Surplus Lines Insurance Amendments Rep. Oda
HB0130 Mobility and Pedestrian Vehicles Rep. Mathis
HB0134S04 Firearm Safety Amendments Rep. Eliason
HB0138S02 Underground Petroleum Storage Tank Amendments Rep. Eliason
HB0147 Peace Officer Agreements with Federal Agencies Rep. Greenwood
HB0148 Off-highway Vehicle Amendments Rep. Noel
HB0154 Wood Burning Amendments Rep. Arent
HB0156S01 Election Day Voter Registration Pilot Project Rep. Chavez-Houck
HB0157S01 Rape Kit Processing Amendments Rep. Seelig
HB0177S01 Juror and Witness Fees Amendments Rep. Stratton
HB0185 Juvenile Detention Facilities Amendments Rep. Hutchings
HB0190 Breathalyzer Amendments Rep. Hughes
HB0193 Appropriations and Budgeting Amendments Rep. Anderegg
HB0199S01 Park Model Recreational Vehicles Rep. Nielson
HB0200 Unlawful Removal or Vandalism of Campaign Signs Rep. Hutchings
HB0201S02 Visitation Amendments Rep. Christensen
HB0211S01 Substance Abuse Amendments Rep. Kennedy
HB0226S01 Severance Tax Amendments Rep. Nielson
HB0238 Local Referendum Requirements Amendments Rep. Powell
HB0245S02 State Fire Code Amendments Rep. Dunnigan
HB0248S01 Crime Victims Restitution Amendments Rep. McKell
HB0267S01 Aging and Adult Services Amendments Rep. Chavez-Houck
HB0270 Peace Officer Certificates Rep. Greenwood
HB0279 Judiciary Interim Committee Sunset Provisions Rep. McIff
HB0295 Weapons Law Exemptions Rep. Greenwood
HB0314S01 Vehicle Immobilization and Impound Amendments Rep. Webb
HB0321 Refugee Services Coordination Amendments Rep. Menlove
HB0322 Protection of Activities in Private Vehicles Rep. Oda
HB0331S01 Identification Card Amendments Rep. McCay
HB0381S01 Local Government Interfund Loans Rep. Knotwell
HCR013 Concurrent Resolution on Transfer of Public Lands Act Rep. Noel
SB0011 Election Offense Amendments Sen. Dayton
SB0013 Theft Amendments Sen. Thatcher
SB0061 Revisions to Property Tax Sen. Henderson
SB0069S04 Prejudgment Interest Revisions Sen. Urquhart
SB0083 Local Sales and Use Tax Act Amendments Sen. Hillyard
SB0084 Amendments to Governor’s Rural Boards Sen. Okerlund
SB0090S01 Residency Amendments Sen. Weiler
SB0092 Metal Theft Amendments Sen. Davis
SB0101 Public Education Human Resource Management Amendments Sen. Osmond
SB0108 Judiciary Amendments Sen. Hillyard
SB0123 Interlocal Cooperation Act Revisions Sen. Valentine
SB0126 Child Welfare Amendments Sen. Harper
SB0130 Trust Deed Foreclosure Amendments Sen. Harper
SB0132 Human Services Amendments Sen. Harper
SB0159S01 Bail Amendments Sen. Jenkins
SB0174 Emergency Fiscal Procedures Counties Sen. Henderson
SB0180S01 Property Tax Modifications Sen. Harper
SB0188S01 Local Option Sales Tax Amendments Sen. Henderson
SB0198 Law Enforcement Exemption for Medical Information Sen. Adams
SB0207 Corporate Franchise and Income Tax Amendments Sen. Bramble
SB0212 Invasive Species Amendments Sen. Knudson
SB0221S01 Indigent Counsel in Juvenile Court Sen. Weiler
SB0222 Automatic License Plate Reader System Amendments Sen. Weiler
SB0230 Insurance Modifications Sen. Stevenson
SB0240 Carson Smith Scholarship Amendments Sen. Adams
SB0244S01 Modifications to Property Tax Sen. Osmond
SB0265 Law Enforcement Services Account Sen. Robles
SB0271S01 Postjudgment Interest Amendments Sen. Bramble

To review the enrolled copy of each bill, visit and enter the bill number into the search box.