Gov. Herbert takes final action on bills from 2014 General Legislative Session

SALT LAKE CITY – (April 2, 2014) Gov. Gary R. Herbert wrapped up the bill signing period today by signing 43 bills, vetoing three and letting three go into law without his signature.

“I try to work with the Legislature during the session to help shape the bills and then conduct a thorough review when the bills come to my desk to ensure those that are signed into law are in the best interest of the people,” said Gov. Hebert. “The people of our state have been very well served and I congratulate the Legislature on a productive session.”

On the final day of the bill signing period, the governor vetoed three bills:

HB 414 – Legislative Subpoena amendments
The governor does not question the Legislature’s authority to seek information through subpoenas and to conduct investigations. The governor recognizes the bill was passed in response to the investigation of former Attorney General John Swallow, and was a result of the frustration the Legislature experienced in conducting that investigation. While sympathetic to that frustration, the governor believes history has repeatedly shown that government response to scandals is all too often excessive and overreaching.

“Regardless of the motives for passing HB 414, I cannot sign a bill that demands information of anyone, at any time, on any subject, for any purpose, and denies our citizens their fundamental constitutional rights of defense and due process,” said Gov. Herbert.

SB 257 – Parent review of Instructional Materials and Curriculum
While the governor appreciates the sponsors’ call for increased parent participation in decisions related to curriculum and instructional materials, he believes the participation and dialog should happen with teachers and elected school board members, community councils, and charter officials – at a local level.

In discussions about this bill, the stakeholders, including members of the parent panel given the responsibility by the bill acknowledged the need for school districts and charter schools to have policies in place that outline a clear process to address parent concerns about curriculum issues. Gov. Herbert intends to work with the State Board of Education and the sponsors of this bill to assure that these policies are in place and implemented on a local level and in a way that will be truly meaningful.

HB 102 – Assessment Area Amendments
The original purpose of the bill was to reform and revise potential problems that exist in the creation of Special Assessment Areas (SAA). However, because of the complexity of these revisions and the time constraints of the session, a decision was made to amend HB 102 to place a one-year moratorium on the creation of new SAA.

Line-Item Veto
The governor also issued a line-item veto on HB 3, lines 802-807. This corrects the unintentional double funding of SB 104, Improvement of Reading Instruction, which appropriates $100,000 from the Education Fund to the University of Utah to carry out the provisions of the bill. This bill, HB 3, includes a duplicate appropriation from the Education Fund to the University of Utah for the same purpose. This veto removes the duplicate appropriation.

No-Signature Bills Three bills will go into law without the governor’s signature:

HB 357 – Budgetary Amendments
The final bill did not include language the governor felt was important to clarify the practicalities around providing budget information to the Legislature. However, the sponsors have agreed to amend the bill and include the necessary language in a subsequent session. The governor has agreed to let the bill go into law with without his signature based on the agreement that those changes will be made.

SB 241 – County Jail Contracting Amendments
While the governor supports the purpose of this bill, which is to provide adequate funding for county jails for probationary inmates, the bill contains a drafting error that would allow a county sheriff to release a state parole inmate. That power belongs solely to the Board of Pardons and Parole. The governor was unwilling to sign the bill with the error but because the sheriffs have agreed not to release any state parole inmates and the sponsors have agreed to make the correction at the earliest possible opportunity, he allowed it to go into law.

SB 269 – Annual Leave Program for State Employees
This bill contains a delayed fiscal note that creates a $13.5 million structural budgetary imbalance for FY2016. The delayed implementation date provides an opportunity to work with the bill sponsors and leadership to identify the true cost of the bill before next session. The governor was not willing to sign his name to a bill that includes an unfunded fiscal note of this magnitude.

During the 2014 General Legislative Session, 486 total bills were passed by the Legislature and 453 will become laws. Only 459 of those bills required action by the governor who does not sign resolutions other than joint resolutions.

Remaining bills signed

HB0003 ppropriations Adjustments (included a line item veto) Rep. Brown
HB0034S01 Tourism Marketing Performance Account Amendments Rep. Wilson
HB0097 Limitation on Local Government Regulation of Animals Rep. King
HB0141S02 Health Reform Amendments Rep. Dunnigan
HB0168S02 School and Institutional Trust Lands and Funds Management Provisions Rep. Brown
HB0197 Daylight Saving Time Study Rep. Menlove
HB0268S02 Dangerous Weapons Amendments Rep. Greene
HB0347S01 Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatment Rep. Christensen
HB0356S01 New Convention Facility Development Incentive Provisions Rep. Wilson
HB0367S02 Physical Therapy Scope of Practice Amendments Rep. Hughes
HB0370 Canal Safety Amendments Rep. Anderson, J.
HB0373S01 Firearm Transfer Certification Amendments Rep. Wilcox
HB0379S03 Transparency of Ballot Propositions Rep. Wilcox
HB0382S02 Limited Purpose Local Government Entities Amendments Rep. Dee
HB0392S01 Delegate Responsibility Amendments Rep. Powell
HB0399 Truancy Amendments Rep. Gibson
HB0401S02 Utah Medicaid Program Rep. Dunnigan
HB0405S01 Postsecondary School State Authorization Rep. Dunnigan
HB0412 State of Utah Transportation Plan for the Dixie National Forest Rep. Noel
HB0415S02 Local and Special Service District Elections Amendments Rep. Eliason
HB0419 Charter School Revisions Rep. Eliason
HB0422S01 Initiative and Referendum Impact Disclosure Rep. Last
HB0426 Retirement Participation Modifications Rep. Ipson
HB0433 Peace Officer Merit Amendments Rep. Dee
HCR003 Concurrent Resolution on Unmanned Aircraft Systems Rep. Peterson, V.
SB0093S02 Internal Audit Amendments Sen. Stephenson
SB0113 Public Meetings Amendments Sen. Mayne
SB0226 Professional Licensing Amendments Sen. Valentine
SB0227 Exposure of Children to Pornography Sen. Weiler
SB0229S04 Adoption Act Amendments Sen. Weiler
SB0231 Agricultural Amendments Sen. Hinkins
SB0232S01 School Safety Tip Line Sen. Thatcher
SB0233S02 Economic Development and the Utah Small Business Jobs Act Sen. Valentine
SB0237 Urban Farming Amendments Sen. Adams
SB0242 Alternative Energy Amendments Sen. Adams
SB0250 Public Duty Doctrine Amendments Sen. Bramble
SB0253S01 Distracted Driver Amendments Sen. Urquhart
SB0258 Educator Licensure Amendments Sen. Stevenson
SB0263S02 Small Business Innovation Research Sen. Stevenson
SB0270 Repeal of Prison Relocation and Development Authority Sen. Stevenson
SB0274S01 Water Jurisdiction Amendments Sen. Dayton
SB0275 Redevelopment Agency Modifications Sen. Bramble
SCR009 Concurrent Resolution Concerning Proposed Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards Sen. Hinkins

To review the enrolled copy of each bill, visit and enter the bill number into the search box.